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Guiding Light: Mel's Guiding Gossip

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It's that time again. Get ready for all the gossip, rumors, scoops, and spoilers for Guiding Light for the week of May 26th. Things get pretty crazy this week in Springfield all because of Rafe's actions. Here we go.


Bill/Lizzie/Dinah/Ava: Lizzie slips back into her old habits to get revenge on Bill. In a vintage Lizzie move, she drugs Bill to begin her devious plan to destroy him. However, Bill might get the last laugh. He and Dinah have a new reason to celebrate as the week ends. The important part is what they celebrate. As for Ava, it's the same old, same old. She wants Bill, can't have him, and Remy picks up the pieces. It's like a rerun. 

Natalia/Olivia: Olivia grows a conscience this week and gives Natalia the deed to Gus's house. Natalia refuses to take the deed and gives it back to Olivia. Olivia doesn't like this too much but she gets over it. However, Olivia's sudden conscience fades away before the week is out as she lashes out at Natalia. The two have it out, but over what? After her spat with Olivia, Natalia has her hands full looking for Rafe.  

Coop/Ashlee/Blake: Not too much on these three this week. Blake wants Coop and we all know it. Look for Blake to step up her game on Coop next week. All I'm going to say is that it involves a lip lock. 

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Daisy: Daisy is being followed by someone from her not-so-distant past. We don't see his face until next week though. Here's a hint to tide you over, he's a true bad guy who was behind the wheel of the car that killed a Springfield heroine. The hints don't get any easier than that. RUMORS say when this bad guy officially returns he might be getting close to Ashlee and have a connection to Springfield's resident thief.      

Rafe/Jeffrey/Mallet/Reva: Get ready for some serious drama. This week, Rafe shoots Jeffrey. Rafe overhears that Jeffrey is going to expose Gus as a crooked cop. Well, Rafe can't have that and goes to see Jeffrey with a gun. Jeffrey manages to talk Rafe down but Mallet walks in, spooks Rafe, and the gun goes off. Jeffrey is shot in the chest and Rafe freaks out. He gets the hell out of the place leaving Mallet with a seriously injured Jeffrey. Jeffrey loses a lot of blood and the paramedics don't think he will make it. The news of Jeffrey's shooting shakes Reva up. She leans on her loved ones for support.

Rafe/Harley/Buzz: Rafe ends up running into Harley who just found out that Gus was the crooked cop. He proceeds to spill his guts and Harley decides that it is best to get Rafe out of the country. She instructs Rafe not to tell anyone what happened or where they are going. He does just that leaving Natalia in total freak out mode. However, Harley tells Buzz and Buzz only what happened and where she's going. She swears Buzz to secrecy before she leaves. RUMORS say the goodbye between Buzz and Harley is a real tear jerker. Buzz ends up telling Cyrus about Harley. The big question here is how much does he tell him? Harley and Rafe leave town and are on the lam. RUMORS say that E.J. Bonilla (Rafe) has left the show and when Rafe returns it will be another actor. The actor filmed an independent film thus the reason for his absence. He is supposed to return but rumors say otherwise. There has been no official statement from GL regarding his status with the show. As for Harley, there is supposedly a "great story" behind her exit from Springfield. I wouldn't hold my breath though, especially with the writers we have now. The last time we will see Harley on our screens is June 23rd.

Backstage Turmoil?: In this week's Soap Opera Weekly, there is an article about the backstage drama at GL. In the article, an anonymous GL source states that "The show is severely over budget, has sets that are unshootable, a costume budget doesn't exist, many unhappy actors, and things in Peapack aren't so hunky dory". Also, an anonymous GL actor states that the show is "lacking" and needs to "step up to the plate." I thought the big change in production was to save money? If that's not the case, then what was the point of the change? Something fishy is going on here and I think the grits are about to hit the fan at GL.


Sneak Peeks at Next Week(June 2nd): Ava makes plans. Cyrus reverts back to his old ways. Blake, Coop, and a lip lock. A recent bad guy returns on June 2nd to cause some serious trouble for Daisy.