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Ratings May 12 - 16, 2008

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Ok we go! Good news for the ABC soaps which saw +0.1 increases in the ratings compared to last week with One Life To Live adding the most viewers by +254,000 compared to the week before. All My Children does seem to be doing a bit better with an overall increase of +203,000 viewers compared to the previous week which perhaps may be due to the addition of Dixie and Jake back to the show. Young & The Restless, General Hospital, and One Life To Live have increased +0.2 in the all important Women 18-49 demo group...well done people! And even though Days Of Our Lives didn't increase in the household ratings, they did see a +217,000 increase in total viewers compared to the previous week.

My only gripe is the fact that this is May Sweeps...I was expecting the ratings to increase a bit more than what we've been seeing so far. But it isn't over yet by any means and knowing the writers, I'm sure they all have some big cliffhangers or plot devices yet to be aired to grab viewer attention to help lead these soaps into the summer months.

But what is the deal with As The World Turns tying for 6th spot alongside All My Children? Something isn't right in Oakdale folks. The biggest losses for As The World Turns were on Thursday and Fridays episodes dropping from a respectable 2.3 to a 1.9 and an overall drop of -40,000 viewers compared to the previous week. Perhaps the issues with the rest of the CBS soaps are due to the overall failure of Young & The Restless which has been the gold-standard for years? Could its poor ratings and loss of viewership have a trickledown effect for Guiding Light, As The World Turns and Bold & The Beautiful? I'll leave that for you to discuss...

May 12, 2008 - May 16, 2008

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