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All My Children: Nice Day for a Bloody (but Good) Wedding

Now that's what I call a soap opera wedding! I have watched Jesse and Angie's wedding episodes from All My Children three times now and am thankfully amazed to see that daytime still knows how to mix love, music, intrigue, drama and breathtaking set design in order to enthrall and capitvate those of us fans who have remained loyal through the longest awkward phase in the genre's history.


I really wish Debbie Morgan (Angie) could bottle the essence of whatever it is that makes her the most natural actor on daytime. She can go from angry-to-romantic-to terrified without missing so much as a beat or chewing so much as a piece of furniture.

Darnell Williams (Jesse) is equally brilliant. As Jesse he gave us goofy, nervous groom, lovestruck suitor and determined, good-old-fashioned soap superhero all in a matter of two episodes.  I haven't gasped at a Friday cliffhanger in YEARS, but when Jesse lept from that roof I literally got up off my couch as if living vicariously through his actions. And I don't know about anyone else, but after hearing 'Stop This World" I will be running, not walking to get Ne-Yo's new CD Year of the Gentleman when it drops this August.


The subplot revolving around Dixie's ghost (Cady McClain) gave the episode a whimsical and ethereal touch. As a person who strongly believes that God places angels here on Earth to protect us, I found Dixie's efforts to keep her loved ones safe heartbreaking and poignant. I LOVED how Dixie managed to hold the door to keep Colby and Kathy out of harm's way.

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Unfortunately, not even Dixie's powers could protect Kathy's surrogate mom Julia or Tad from harm's way. Of course we all know Tad will be okay, but sweet nurse Julia (Sydney Penny) won't be so lucky and although I hate that, I understand it. One of my biggest problems with so many soap supervillains is that they never really do any damage that is permanent or lasting. To solidify David Rasche's Rob Gardner as the best new soap villian in years they pretty much had to let him rack up a body count that included at least one core character. Thank God and Agnes Nixon it wasn't Opal! And speaking of Opal, the poor girl, there she was thinking she was sneaking into the closet for a little post-wedding nookie and the only penetration she felt was when that sicko's needle pricked her skin!

This brings us to the other major plot twist  that happened during these episodes, Greenlee's discovery that once again she's been betrayed by her BFF Kendall (Alicia Minshew). I know a lot of long term AMC fans adore Jack, but I think he's beyond oafish.


Couldn't Jack have, I don't know, taken the time to ask Greenlee WHY she was crying before blabbing about Kendall's grief tryst with Aidan? Ugh! Where did this guy get his law degree, from the back of an old Sears and Roebuck catalog? I bet my boy Dimitri wouldn't have been that stupid!

Who in high hell was in charge of fixing Greenlee's hair for these episodes? Rebecca Budig is one of the most beautiful women on soaps and has gorgeous, rich, chocolate hair, so whoever decided to halfway pull it up in that lopsided ponytail needs to have their beauty school license revoked!

Greenlee's hair looked almost as bad as that dress Nu-Colby was wearing, which resembled a cross between something Molly Ringwald refused to wear for Sixteen Candles II and someone's 1987 Quinceanera dress. Oh well, even a few hair and fashion faux pas couldn't spoil these otherwise excellent episodes. Good job AMC.