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FOX 411's Roger Friedman isn't too happy with Proctor and Gamble and producers of Guiding Light regarding Beth Ehler's exit from the role of Harley Davidson Cooper and thinks her departure signals the end of broadcasting's longest running serial.

"…Back in 1991 I wrote about actress Beth Ehlers in Entertainment Weekly as a young star to watch from the CBS soap "Guiding Light." Seventeen years later, she’s leaving the show for a new role on ABC’s “All My Children.” It’s clear she’s been forced out by the producers from Procter & Gamble, who are determined to drive the 71-year-old soap into the ground. Ousting Ehlers — who fits the perfect demo of young mother in her 30s — shows that P&G will be shuttering “GL” soon. What a disrespectful ending for everyone involved …"

While I will never agree that one actor can make or break a soap, GL has lost or backburnered a slew of vets and/or popular actors in recent years and with this largely unpopular new production style and shoddy writing, you can't help but wonder if Friedman just may be right.

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