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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 05.27.08


How does Spinelli wind up in Maxie's bed?  While annoying Sonny, Spinelli pushes the Godfather too far and gets pushed himself.  A knock on the head has Maxie taking Spin home with her to be cared for.  A confused Spinelli thinks the two had sex and looks to Sam for advice.  After talking with Maxie, the Goddess sets the Jackal straight.  The two did not do the deed.  This is where Sam's mentoring of Spinelli starts.  RUMORS have a chem test for Sam and Spin.  Shocking, I know and most likely not entirely true. There may be an unrequited crush coming.  They do share dinner, meant to be educational for Spinelli.  A short Fanfic or SPOILER, you be the Judge...  Will Spinelli and Sam be faking a courtship just to get Maxie's attention?

Naudia... that's the squish name for Nikolas and Claudia.  Looks like Nikolas does stand up to Jason in order to protect Lulu and Claudia.  RUMORS have Naudia locking lips after Nikolas defends Claudia and has words for Jason about burning the Z Family Mansion to the ground. 

Is Sonny giving up Kristina too?  Sort of.  After completely signing away his rights to both Morgan and Michael.  Alexis has some papers for Sonny too.  She wants sole custody of their daughter.  RUMORS say Sonny signs custody over but Alexis still intends to allow Kristina to see her father.  We'll have to see how this one plays out as Alexis was apprehensive to draw up the paperwork for Jax.

With his family home burning to the ground, Johnny opens up more to Lulu.  Look for the mafia prince to confide more in Lulu about his past and the bad memories.  Where will the Z family be living now that they are homeless?  Will Claudia be Nikolas' house guest once more?


After his ship is blown to bits, Jason burns down the Zacchara Mansion.  Ric feels Anthony should strike back at Jason immediately.  The elder Lansing and Johnny advise Anthony to wait it out.  Will Johnny tell his dad that Ric has ulterior motives where Jason is concerned?  This MAY be where Ric puts Elizabeth in harms way and needs a little help.  RUMORS say Ric tells Anthony, Elizabeth is no longer connected to Jason and her children's father is actually a cop.  Is this where the assist from Johnny comes in?  I mentioned last week he may help Ric out where Elizabeth is concerned.  The RUMORS continue to say that Ric plays a role in Jake's paternity being revealed and even though he tries to stop it, he can't. 

Sonny is out of a job... wait, doesn't he have the coffee business to run?  Sonnybucks all over the U.S.!  SPOILERS say he'll take an interest in Kate's magazine and Kate ain't interested.  Former mob boss or not, Sonny has an opinion about Jason's move against the Z's.  Jason tells him it's not his business any more. 

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Jax wants Carly to stay clear of Jason too!  Will she give up her BFF? She may not have to decide as I mentioned last week, Jason starts pushing people away.  SPOILERS say, Carly and Jason agree he shouldn't be around Morgan.  Speaking of Jax, did he see Brenda?  We may learn that although that was his intention, he never did meet up with his ex.  More on Jax! There are RUMBLINGS of another kiss between him and Kate! 

Looks like Jason Thompson will be sporting a sling.  The actor underwent shoulder surgery and the injury will be written in but it will be happening offscreen.  Patrick is SPOILED to go racing and hurt himself, further fueling Robin's fire that Patrick just isn't ready to be a responsible father.  Scrubies, I am still seeing a wedding for your couple.  Robin would make a beautiful summer bride.

Liason Fans.... I am hearing a pick up of screentime for your favorite couple.  It may not start until later in the month of June but from everything I am seeing they will be together.  


I told you that Leyla's mom hits Port Chuck.  At that time it was assumed that her mom would be a part of the storyline to kick off NightShift Season Two.  Could this storyline be a way to take Leyla out of General Hospital?  RUMORS (take with a grain of salt) say Leyla's mom may be taking the nurse home with her. 

A few more SCOOPS...

Jason stops Carly from high tailing it out of town.  Will Carly start to have symptoms of a pregnant woman? Jason says goodbye to Morgan.

Sonny has a hard time with his new life.  A proposal for him and Kate is still RUMORED and possible talk about having a family of their own. 

Ric warns Alexis and Elizabeth... about the men in their lives.