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Wishful Casting: Billy Miller as "Guiding Light's" Shayne Lewis


Sonny come home. Some of my favorite Kim Zimmer soap scenes have been with Reva interacting with her assorted children and grandchildren on Guiding Light. Whether it be fighting and crying ( with Jonathan or Marah), jokingly sharing some booze (Jonathan) or wondering what she did to deserve such a decent kid (Shayne or Dylan), Reva has always been best when playing Mama Bear. Only with all of her cubs scattered to the wind the only chance Reva has to showcase her maternal instincts these days is with her n'er-do-well granddaughter Daisy.

It's time for Reva and Josh's son Joshua Shayne Lewis to make a return trip to Springfield USA in the person of soon-to-be ousted All My Children baddie Billy Miller (Richie). Miller has been brilliant on AMC as whackadoodle Richie and like Zimmer has the ability to make even the smelliest of storyline stinkers work by giving it his all no matter what, which would serve him well in the current scatterbrained state of storytelling at GL.

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When we last saw Shayne, he was the sweet, "good son" who had helped Marina Cooper get over her psycho first love Ben Reade ( I still can't believe they made Fletch's son a serial killer, but I digress), before temporarily becoming paralyzed and then deciding to head off to Bosnia to make a difference in the world via the Peace Corps. I'm sure seeing the harrowing realities of a war torn land would have provided Shayne with a bit of an edge and Miller would be great at conveying that.  Additionally his return would provide Josh and Reva with a reminder of something they did right and perhaps finally put them on a path back to one another.

Shayne could also provide a ready foil to his cousin Bill. Lizzie was obsessed with him in high school and now that she's back in schemer mood, she could decide to play the cousins against each other and/or Shayne could try to pick up with Marina where he left off, causing conflict between Shayne and Cyrus, who he will no doubt hate for making fools of both Marina and his Daddy Josh by bonking his Auntie-Stepmonster Cassie. Whatever they decide to do with him, it's time for Shayne and his sister Marah to come home. Who needs another skeevy day player female for Cyrus? Restore the core of this show with a couple of familiar names like Lewis, Bauer or Chamberlain and ratings just might stabilize. At the very least critics like us just might shut up for a few episodes...maybe.