As the World Turns: Cyndi Lauper Visits Oakdale

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As the World Turns

just want's to have fun, fun with Cyndi Lauper that is. That's right folks, Cyndi Lauper is coming to Oakdale to perform a song from her new dance album

Bring Ya to the Brink

, "Into the Night Life". She will also be performing one of her most popular songs, "True Colors."

When Snoop Dogg showed up in Llanview a bunch of the female characters including Leyla, Talia and Jessica got up on the stage and danced with him. With that in mind, this is my question.

Who do you think will get up and dance with Cyndi Lauper on As the World Turns? Will Lucida Walsh be up there waving one of her scarves around? Could sexpot Lily get up and gyrate on stage? Might Emily "back that thang up"? Would Emma Snyder get "jiggy wit it"?

Lauper taped her performance on May 27th. The episode will air July 3rd.

Thanks to MarkDutchViewer for the tip!