Bold and Beautiful: How Do You Like The "New" Stephanie Forrester?

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As much as I am glued to my seat for The Bold and the Beautiful these days, I have to say something is missing. And that something is the "real" Stephanie Forrester! No, Sabine Singh hasn't replaced Susan Flannery in the role, but with Steph having adopted this new Zen outlook on life, she might as well have.

What do you think? Is it simply about time La Forrester learned to chill out, or are you-like me-chomping at someone's dress seam like the late, great Tiny in pursuit of a lemon bar for the day when the Sluts from the Valley must once again lie in fear of the Bitch from Beverly Hills? Once you've voted check out my new blog at The Bold and the Beautiful's website where I discuss these turn of events in depth and leave us your comments about the kindler, gentler Steph.