Days of Our Lives: Two-faced Two Step


Take out your umbrellas because fire and brimstone is about to be rained down. First it was Lucas (Bryan Datillo) last week browbeating Sami for doing what he told her to do, move on, now its Sami’s (Alison Sweeney) own parents.

What had me yelling right back at the TV screen today was the conversation between Marlena (Deidre Hall) and Roman (Josh Taylor) discussing Sami being caught literally sweating up the sheets with EJ (James Scott) by Lucas. The girl can’t catch a break for goodness sakes!

I am getting sick and tired of her getting flack tossed her way for living her life from everyone that claims to love her. If that constitutes love then I sure as hell don’t want any part of that hot mess!

Dr. Judgmental Jezebel Evans and Chief Condescending Brady make the mind boggle with  their attitude regarding Lucas/Sami/EJ love triangle. How can THEY of all people be judgmental when Sami was married to EJ when she did what she did, is over 18 the last time I checked (although this is Salem where kids are SORAS’d faster than the seasons changes.) and was told by Lucas to move on?

Marlena cheated on Roman with John and Roman… The man consorts with the woman that has vowed to make his OWN CHILD’s life a living hell... KATE! Didn’t Roman just provoke John into an altercation in order to take him into lockup? Wasn’t it Marlena that injected Stefano with the sedative that has him in the coma? Before that she shot him!

It just kills me on how Sami’s parents are raking her over the coals for doing something totall legaly (as far as we could see) in the confines of her own bed. If I’m not mistaken, she sacrificed her own happiness to secure the well being of her family since we all know Salem’s finest can’t do so and that’s not saying much considering half of her family’s on the force.

I know one thing, if it were my mom and she heard what went down the only thing she’d say to me is, “Girl why the hell didn’t you LOCK the door!?” I am damn frustrated with Samantha Jean’s parents throwing her under the bus all the while she appeases their every whim.

This is the same girl that fought tooth and nail to save her parents marriage by putting Belle up for adoption on the black market. You would expect some loyalty coming from them. As screwed up as her logic was her heart was in the right place.

I’m just waiting for the day that Sami decides to say, “SCREW YOU BOTH! It’s my life,” Roman and Marlena have the nerve to ask what’s wrong with Sami. What was so wrong with her getting all of her pent up frustrations out in a constructive way?

It was either that way or Sami pulling a classic Sami maneuver. I think RomMar are just mad that Sami’s getting some action and all they are getting is carpal tunnel from all the mass…. Mass typing they do for their journals, what were you people thinking? Sami’s an adult who is married to EJ. Instead of scolding her why don’t her parents just try to support her? That way she doesn’t have to pull a, “Sami,” on anyone.