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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Quick question, do you actually need legal papers (notarized by an actual notary no less) to transfer illegal companies from one person to another? How does that get filed over at the courthouse? “Your honor, Mr Morgan is now in charge of breaking people’s legs and importing the edible underwear as signed here, here, here and initialled here.”

So SaSon are divorced. Who gets custody of Max and Milo?

Loved the Lucky/Sam scene, only because it reinforced that they are a couple and I liked the Spencer family scene later on.

Loved that Mac finally got let out of the closet for longer than 5 minutes and it didn’t have anything to do with bad police work, and shared scenes with both his “daughters”. Although, I do question him calling Spinelli a “mobster”. I mean, the only thing we’ve really seen Spin do for Jason is check the surveillance cameras around town to solve the crimes that the PCPD can’t handle.

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Ric/the Zs: I’m not in love with this story they’ve got for Ric. He’s only Anthony’s secondary lawyer and anything he says gets vetoed by his father and then AZ wants him to babysit Claudia, rather than do anything of interest. Unless they plan on hooking Ric and Claudia up, the whole thing rather annoys me.

Jax/Carly: I was surprised to see Jax back so soon. I thought his leaving was because of IR’s vacation. I did like their stuff. Both made good points and the amount of pain they’re carrying is very interesting in it’s real-ness.

Love, love, love Maxie. Loved her scene with Sam and with Robin and her explanation that Spinelli is more of a brother to her and so she doesn’t see anything sexual between them. I’m sort of disappointed since I wanted a Spixie hook up and I don’t want Spinelli to be on the losing end again, but I will hang onto the hope that Maxie will eventually see the error of her ways and start having feelings for The Jackal.