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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop!  05.28.08


Jason watches Lucky with his family.  Another reminder of what Jason can't have.  Is this all just one big lead up to the big reveal?  

SPOILERS say Maxie calls in her favor to Johnny.  She needs a date to Fredirico's bash in NYC.  

Johnny proposes peace with Morgan.  Anthony wants to know if Elizabeth can be used against Jason.  As I mentioned the last few days, Ric tries to take the heat off his ex-wife. 

Speaking of Ric... when Sonny tells his baby bro he's out of the crime business he also tells him that he can no longer protect Ric from Jason.  A little foreshadowing perhaps?


More pill problems at GH?  Looks like the hospital side of that story may not be abandoned after all.  RUMORS say a patient has a problem with a certain medication not working.  Will Lucky be on the case?  As I've mentioned time and time again, there is a lot of re-writing and editing being done lately.  Certain storylines have been dropped, delayed and re-worked.  Will Sam still play a part?  Maybe.  There are RUMORS that she'll be investigating Ian but her storyline coming up should be all about turning Spinelli into a stud.  

The Kristina RUMORS.   Is Sonny giving Alexis sole custody?  It may happen, it may not but hey, that's a RUMOR for ya.  IF Alexis does ask for sole custody look for Sonny to question her association with Jerry Jacks and Molly's daddy being the attorney for the rival mob family. 

Robin is rushed to GH!  I mentioned yesterday that the health scare for the pregnant doc looks to be happening.  Does Daddy Drake freak?  RUMORS say yes!  Will we finally get a glimpse of the HIV aspect of this storyline?

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Another casting call for NightShift?  RUMORS (*please take with a grain boulder of salt*) say a young boy is being cast with the name Stone.  Now with the RUMORS of a oldie but goodie returning, could this be the big return's son?  

Dr. Matt Hunter is checking in to GH.  Jason Cook's character comes aboard and is immediately tested with Kirsten Storms' Maxie.  Onliners are very excited about this addition and RUMORS say he's going to be a great character.



Nikolas and Claudia... hitting the sheets?  RUMORS say they are.  Does Alexis spy her nephew with the mafia princess? 

Carly blames Jax!  She is not happy with her hubby taking off when she needed him.  

Lucky is not happy.  Both of his siblings are mixed up with the mob. 

Monica?  Paging Dr. Quartermaine. Maybe, hopefully.  She may pop up and have something to say about Jason taking over the mob.