Young and Restless: Cane Rips Jill and Katherine a New One


 Today marked the anniversary of the death of Katherine Chancellor's ex-husband and Jill's lover, Phillip Chancellor II . He died at the hands of Katherine, who drove off a cliff in a drunken rage. She was invoked in rage by the affair Phillip was having with Jill, Kay's then manicurist, maid and hairdresser. Needless to say, Jill resents Katherine to this day for killing her true love.

 Jill does have one thing to remind her of Phillip II and that is his son, Phillip Chancellor III. To make a long story short, Phillip III died in the 80's but not really because Katherine switched the babies when he was born thus enter Cane. 

Naturally, Cane wanted to know more about his father today. However, Jill and Kay were to busy doing what they do best: Arguing. This didn't sit to well with Cane and he proceeded to let the two have it. Check out this great You Tube clip of Cane telling Kay and Jill about themselves.