ADONIS 2008 First Finalists Revealed!!


Days of Our Lives Fans Come Out in Force!!

Well everyone I apologize for the delay in putting the results up, but a mishap with Tornadoes, snow, and other weather phenomena put me out of commission for last weeks results chat. I do however come bearing the results for the first two weeks of semifinals and Days of Our Lives fans are sure to be pleased.

Last weeks voting was apparently very tight with only a 0.026 point difference between first and third place. But coming out ahead of the pack were Steve Burton (Jason Morgan - General Hospital) and Shawn Christian (Dr. Daniel Jonas - Days of Our Lives). Now I was personally rooting for Shawn so I couldn't be more pleased. I guess his stint as the towel clad Dr. McStudly in a steam room gave him the extra kick he needed. David Fumero (Cristian Vega - One Life to Live) came in third so he will automatically get a spot in the wildcard week of voting coming soon. So Fumero fans make sure you go back and vote.

This weeks results were sure to be interesting with the Lumi vs. Ejami fan wars, but as it turns out James Scott (EJ Wells Dimera - Days of Our Lives) is still in the running to defend his throne as ADONIS. Some may recall last year he won with sweeping results. Bryan Datillo (Lucas Roberts - Days of Our Lives) didn't make it, however their co-star Jay Kenneth Johnson (Phillip Kiriakis - Days of Our Lives) did. It looks like the men from Days have a fan base to be reckoned with. Never fear Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby - Young and the Restless) fans he will be in the wildcard week as well since he got third place.

So there you have it....first 2 rounds down and 2 more to go before the wildcard round. After that the finals start and the real battle begins. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled to Daytime Confidential as I will have the poll up soon to see what you guys are thinking for week three. And then make sure to check back next week to see who is joining these gorgeous men in the finals.

Till then have sweet soaphunks dreams!!

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