General Hospital: Job Hunting With Sonny Corinthos



Now that Sonny is finally out of the mob I can't help but wonder what it will be like for him to go job hunting. What does one put on their application form at an employment agency? Let's see...A natural talent for breaking glass in a giant rage? Fearless of computer geeks and beating up on them? Aspiring Tony Soprano?

Obviously he still has the the coffee business but I can't imagine a man who is used to throwing his power around like he is will be content to actually import coffee as his primary source of income.

Now granted, I may be jumping the gun a bit because I'm sure that we're going to have to endure months of Sonny trying to tear himself away from his life as a mobster and his former cronies putting hits out him. However, once we get past that point what will Sonny do?

Here are some ideas, realistic and a few that obviously are not.

  • Make a play for ELQ. Sonny is a major shareholder and will be bored out of his mind. Toying with the Quartermaines seems right up his alley.
  • Act as a fashion consultant at Crimson and work with his lady love Kate. I'm sure he can provide an infinite amount of advice on dark suites, dark dress shirts and Regis Philbin styled power ties.
  • Use his legitimate businesses to go after Jax and provide his Aussie rival with countless headaches.
  • Train at the keyboards of the Spineliator and learn the ways of "the jackal."
  • Take up his deceased sister Courtney's profession and become a gigolo. That or turn into Kung Fu Ken.
  • Become Nikolas' new butler and dust out the tunnels beneath Wyndamere.
  • Hunt down Helena and become her latest boy toy.
  • Go into business with his brother Ric Lansing. Not sure what they'd do but it might be interesting.
  • Start a P.I. business with Lucky and investigate some of Port Charles most notable mysteries such as who killed Ida, what was in the box left at the Quartermaine mansion, find out once and for all if Lorenzo is really alive and explain who the female burn patient on General Hospital: Night Shift was.
  • Go to work for the P.C.P.D. since it's impossible for anyone other than a criminal or former criminal to solve a crime and bring justice to the world.

So what type of job do you think Sonny should pursue now that he's mob free?