General Hospital-Perkie's Observations


I hate Lulu at the best of times, but I hate her even more when she’s going on about Maxie’s past with men, messing up Lucky and whatnot, when Lulu did even worse with Dillon. It’s such hypocrisy and I often wonder if the writers realize what they have Lulu saying. Plus, the fact that Maxie has lost two men and a sister to violence in a short amount of time also never seems to enter Lulu’s thick skull.

Having said that, I did enjoy how the two of them manage to get as much work as they get done, despite arguing with each other all day. That amuses me. And, I got a hearty chuckle when Lulu warned Maxie away from Luke and Maxie was all, “hey, I’d love you to have to call me step-mom.”

Ric/Zs: Interesting how Ric got all defensive when Johnny brought up Liz and then Anthony asked if Liz was a way to get to Jason. Also, I’m not sure how I feel about Anthony playing everybody against each other, for his own kicks. He gets Johnny, Trevor and Ric to fight it out about how to hit Jason and then goes ahead and does whatever he had planned in the first place. It’s kind of ingenious, in that, he’s clearly still in charge, but it messes with my poor Ric, and I’m not that happy about it.

Hypocrite of the day goes to Carly. In a way, I don’t want to say it since I’ve been on Carly’s side for weeks and because LW continues to kick butt in scenes, but honey, you can’t get Sonny to sign away parental rights and then you yourself continue to be all up in the mob boss’s business. If Jason and Sonny have to make sacrifices for the children, then so do you.

Spinelli/Sam: Is the message here that women are so shallow that if Spin isn’t buff than Maxie won’t be interested? I thought Maxie’s message when talking to Sam and Robin yesterday, was not that she’ isn’t sexually interested, but that he’s such a good friend to her, something she doesn’t have a lot of, that she doesn’t want to mess things up. Having said that, I did enjoy everyone's interactions because it's so rare.