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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 05.29.08


Elizabeth learns that Jason has taken over the business from Sonny.  She will not be happy and the meeting is RUMORED to happen on the docks.  Why the public place if you're trying to keep your distance?  It appears to be a plot point; a way for someone to see the couple together.  Who's the spy?  Who likes to watch people lately? 

Jax wants Carly to cut ties with Jason.  She tells him to cut Kate loose.

Johnny tells Maxie to back off.  He wants Lulu and only Lulu.  Spinelli is SPOILED to see Maxie kiss Johnny but he'll leave before he witnesses the aftermath.  The Jackal finds himself on the Goddess' doorstep.  

Johnny pays Jason a visit.  The Zacchara "prince" offers peace.  Claudia is also RUMORED to visit the new mob boss and tells him peace is not possible as long as her father is alive.  Will Anthony listen to his son when he says they need to back off Jason?  On the surface, yes but will he really back off? 


Tracy Q returns next week and gets an eyeful.  SPOILERS say she's walking in on Lulu and Johnny in a compromising position.  What will she be doing for the summer with her hubby on the run?  EARLY RUMORS had her running the Haunted Star.  Then RUMBLINGS were that the Star was to be closed and seized by the authorities all summer.  Now I am seeing that Tracy will be running Luke's casino with Sam as her employee.  We'll have to wait and see how this one plays out. 

Maxie made it pretty clear that she and Spinelli are only friends.  It was sweet that Maxie didn't want to risk her friendship with the computer geek.  But what about all those Spixie fans hoping for a romantic pairing?  I've told you before Jason Cook's arrival will definitely throw a wrench in that plan.  Will there be a Matt-Maxie-Spinelli triangle?  It looks doubtful right now.  I like Spixie as pals but I agree that Spinelli needs a love interest.  So who should it be?  Spinelli tries to win Maxie over with a make-over.  SPOILERS say he'll channel his inner Jax but it goes unnoticed by Maximista.  Someone else does take notice though.  

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There are reports that Josh Duhon (Logan) is a goner.  Logan could be the RUMORED death if this one is true.  These RUMORS have been out and about for a while now.  I am hearing now that this may pop up in print.  Maybe his death will reveal his secret.  Logan has been getting an up and personal look at the crazy Zacchara’s.  He'll want Lulu far away from Johnny and his family. 


Jerry defends his lady?  RUMORS say Johnny Z winds up in a bit of trouble and Anthony puts pressure on DA Davis.  Will Jerry step up and defend his girl?  

Guza is calling the summer "romance among the ruins."   

Why is Claudia unbuttoning Nikolas' shirt?   SPOILERS say Nikolas visits Emily's grave. 


Eli Love concert this summer.  Rick Springfield will perform his newest single. 

Also making it into print... the RUMORED marriage of convenience for Claudia and a male character.