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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!


Here's the Scoop! 05.30.08

I am seeing more and more that when Tracy returns,

she's running the Star.  Sam is also SPOILED to be working the casino with Tracy.  Will Sam be feeding Jason information?  Tracy should still have to deal with the Zacchara's and we may get a glimpse of Tracy's mob roots.

Where will the Zacchara's go when their house burns to the ground?  The MetroCourt.  Jax wants them out, Carly lets them stay.

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ZaCrazy wants Ric to keep Claudia occupied.  Is it Ric that takes a walk down the aisle?  Or will it be Nikolas playing the part of groom? Naudia will be spending lots of time together.

Sonny does not like feeling powerless.  He'll try to help Kate with a problem at Crimson and resort back to his mob like ways.  I mentioned the other day that Sonny takes Jason to task for burning down the Zacchara mansion.  Jason tells him he's not in charge anymore.  

What has Johnny looking for a peace agreement?  The realization that Jason is far more dangerous than Sonny ever was.  Do Jason and Johnny have a common goal?  They might as RUMORS say Johnny wants the Zacchara Organization to be done, for good.  Remember, Jason has helped Johnny before and RUMORS say Johnny Z may be working for Jason. 

I can't remember the exact post but I asked why Anthony doesn't remember Elizabeth and Jason on the parapet.  Does anyone remember that? I mentioned someone sees Liason together.  Is it Anthony and does the sighting spark a memory from the Black and White Ball?  Also, Elizabeth admitted in court that she and Jason were together, it's not going to be hard for the Z's to figure out that she means something to Jason.  What is this all leading up to?  Jake's paternity reveal.  It is still RUMORED to be happening this summer and when it does, Liason should decide to be together.  RUMORS suggest that Jason’s new role as mob boss has him feeling he's in a better position to protect Elizabeth and her children. 


Elizabeth and Lucky working on the great drug caper?  It looks like Nurse Webber is taking an interest in the fake drugs going through GH.  Remember, Devlin had mob ties and this could be dragging her further into the mob storyline.  Will it lead her to Claudia? RUMORS say Nikolas tells Claudia to back off Elizabeth as well.  Claudia is RUMORED to learn that Elizabeth and Nikolas are close and that she and Emily were best friends. 

Where are my Scrubs Fans?  It looks like Robin's health scare won't be HIV related and the HIV part of the story won't happen until delivery when C-Section vs. Vaginal birth is discussed.  It should be the blood pressure storyline that was RUMORED months ago.  Remember the one where Robin is placed on bed rest?  RUMORS go on to say that Patrick wants to learn his rights as the father and seeks legal advice from Diane.  Mac is involved somehow and misunderstands Patrick's actions and Mac might be turning to Alexis to be Robin's legal eagle.  It should be one big old misunderstanding and a little comic relief. Will it end with Robin and Patrick moving in together?


Logan's death is still out there and RUMORS say Lulu may be feeling guilty about her ex's demise.  How about a FANFIC OR SPOILER? You be the judge... is Claudia involved in Logan's death?  There are RUMBLINGS that Claudia saves Lulu from Logan which results in the crabby commando's death.  Is this why Claudia is forced into a MOC?  Will it be Nikolas marrying her since she saved his baby sis?  FANFIC OR SPOILER? You be the judge...