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Young and Restless: Spoilers and Scoops

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Watch that Chloe, apparently it’s not enough she kissed Cane but she makes a play for DEVON! What will Roxanne think of this when they let her out of the Y&R storage room?

Looks like Michael will finally get his own storyline outside of Gloria; he’s going to be searching for the 411 on his dad.

Spotlight on the Abbotts

Speaking of dads, Jack and Sharon team up to get his late father's lookalike Alistair out of GC. Jack also does the head scratch move heard all around the world (my scalp didn’t like it either) when he decides to have Gloria live at the Abbott pool house! Yes you read it right the first time!

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Jack bumps into Glo and hears her talking about how down and out she is and in order to honor John he decides to ask her to move in! Gloria’s happy but Mrs. Jack Abbott isn’t. She flips out on Jack for not squaring it away with her first. Sharon reminds Jack of all craziness Gloria has put them through. Sharon lets "Smilin'"Jack know that not only has he been heavy handed with decisions at work but also at home too... Sounds like Victor to me.

The Newman Friends and Family Plan

David decides that its truth time and decides to bare all to Nikki.

Moving on to Victor and Sabrina (I didn’t want to either). The couple has set a wedding date and Sabrina does a, “WTF,” and asks VICTORIA to stand up for her as matron of honor. Naturally, Vicki shoots that down which has Sabrina running to Victor about it and Senior Newman decides to confront his daughter.

Apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, when just like dear ole’ dad, Victoria doesn’t budge once her mind’s made. Victor then turns his attention to his choice to stand up for him-Adam-who recommends that TGVN ask Nick also. When Victor does this, Nick gets in on him about how he doesn’t give two hoots about how he’s causing strife with Victoria which leads for Victor to veto asking Nick.

Coming soon: Victor and Nikki have a showdown (again).

Casting news: Looks like Noah, Summer and Fen will be SORAS’d this summer. Word is that the young actor that plays Noah (Hunter Allen) last taping date was May 20 and that the lil’ guy wasn’t very happy (is anyone in any medium?) that he was let go.