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Guiding Light: Mel's Guiding Gossip

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I hope everybody is ready to take a trip to Springfield where the gossip, rumors, scoops, and spoilers are heating up. Here is all the juice for the week of June 2nd. 


Ashlee/Coop/Blake: This week, Coop continues to promote his book with Blake's help. However, Blake has more than just that book on her mind. She swoops in for the kill and kisses Coop this week. Two important questions arise from the smooch: How will Coop react and Will he tell Ashlee? Speaking of Ashlee, she doesn't have the best week. She takes a tumble and hurts her ankle. A mysterious stranger helps her and the two make friends. Gee, I wonder who helps her. Also, at the end of the week, Ashlee tries on a new dress and has interesting results.

Jeffrey/Reva/Olivia: Jeffrey spends the week recovering from his gunshot wound. However, that doesn't stop the police from questioning him about the shooting. Jeffrey lies to the police about what happened to protect you know who. On the other hand, things get better for Jeffrey as he and Reva begin to plan their wedding. Also, look for Olivia to enjoy Jeffrey's company more than she should. She doesn't want to admit it but she does. In the small amount of time Olivia’s mind isn’t on Jeffrey, it’s on Gus. She and Mallet bond over Gus before the week is out. Let’s go back to Reva for a second. She and Josh are shocked by news from her movie. It has to be interesting news to shock Reva. She must get over it fast, because by the end of the week she and Josh fall into their old habits. Does anyone besides me think that "Always" might be making a return? 

Mallet/Dinah/Frank/Doris: Mallet is on a mission to clear his conscience. As we saw on Friday, Mallet told Frank that he quit his job as Police Chief. Here is how he does it. He informs Doris and the police commissioner that he wishes to resign as Police Chief. Doris accepts his resignation, but doesn't give Frank his old job back much to Mallet’s dismay. Instead, she has one of hand-picked minions take the job. Mallet goes back to being a regular cop with a regular cop salary. The cut in pay forces Mallet to move out of The Beacon and into a seedy motel. He also moves to further distance himself from Dinah. He sees Dinah and all her actions as the root of his problems. He just wants to start fresh. When Dinah and Mallet finally have a talk, she breaks down and apologizes for everything that has happened. However, Mallet isn't buying it and wants no part of Dinah right now. Dinah only makes things worse with Mallet when she tells Frank the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about how she set him up to lose his job. Dinah takes full blame for what happened, but Frank is infuriated with both Dinah and Mallet. He finds Mallet and punches him out! His anger doesn't last long and the two make up before the week is out. Mallet finally starts to chill out and begins to put his life back together.

Lizzie really wants her revenge now that Bill is officially the CEO of Lewis-Spaulding Enterprises. She asks Reva to help her take Bill down. Lizzie isn't playing games this time; she really wants Bill to pay. 

Ava/Remy: Pregnancy hits Ava hard this week, as she has a bad case of morning sickness. Also, she worries that her secret about the true paternity of her baby will come out. All this prompts her to make plans for her future. What does she plan? Ava's week isn't all bad as Remy puts a bright spot in her day. 

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Daisy/G/Cyrus: Daisy is being followed by someone who is quite fond of her. This mystery man puts flowers in her car. After Daisy finds her flowers, she meets her secret admirer who turns out to be her old bad boy boyfriend, G. He apologizes to her for Tammy and his past. He tells Daisy that he wants to win her back. Daisy is trying to figure out if he really loves her or has ulterior motives. I hate to break it to you Daisy, but you’re not the only reason he’s back. Come to find out, G has returned to Springfield for a good old fashioned family reunion. His family is none other than the town's resident thief, Cyrus Foley. Towards the end of the week, the Foley brothers come face to face. Cyrus isn't happy to see his brother in the least bit. Why? While were on the topic of Cyrus, he's not having the best of times right now. Not only does his brother return, but he slips back into his old thieving ways, pays for someone else’s actions, and gets some bad news at the very end of the week. I wouldn't want to be him right now. 


Sneak Peeks at Next Week(June 9th): Cassie has a troubling vision, Ashlee enjoys the company of her new friend, Mallet and Marina reveal their romance(No, I’m not kidding), and Lizzie moves forward with her secret plan.