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Days of Our Lives: Weekly Preview from Denial Island

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G’day Days fans and welcome to this week’s Days of Our Lives episode Preview from Denial Island (June 2-6).  Short preview this week fans, I’m battling a cold and not sure there is much to watch anyway… except for drunk EJ on Monday’s episode LOL.

EJamicusole (EJ, Sami, Lucas, Nicole)

I’ll start with this because this is what I’m finding most entertaining this week.  EJ and Nicole continue their drinking binge at Chez Rouge, where a very drunk EJ lets slip to Nicole, that despite the fact his marriage to Samantha has been annulled, he is going to tell Sami that it hasn’t.  Not wanting to advocate drinking or anything, but the best part about these scenes is drunk EJ!  After wrestling with her newest piece of blackmail material for a few days, Nicole tells a much sober and hungover EJ that she knows his secret; but what will she decide to do about it?  She looks like she is really falling for EJ, but if she tells on him to Sami, she can kiss any chance with him goodbye.  Meanwhile, at DiMansion, Lucas helps to get Johnny to sleep by singing EJ’s special song to him, with a really fake British accent.  Later in the week, Allie is given to Child Protective Services when Lucas breaks house arrest to retrieve the toddler from outside the house.  This brings the Salem PD running of course, Lucas being the dangerous felon that he is, and they take both Lucas and Allie to the station.  Douche... where was Rolf in all this, he's been the twins' Manny, hasn't he?  Or is that now Lucas' role?


Not really happy that this character will not be on canvas past the summer!  I want more gal pal scenes with Nicole!  This week, Ava gets real friendly with Jawn while Marlena is away visiting son Eric Brady in Colorado, who has been in a car accident.  Jawn asks Ava out for dinner, but Ava initially refuses.  A little prompting from newest best bud Nicole makes her change her mind, they'll cosy up next week with maybe a bit of smooching as well.


Admits to theDon Victor that he planted the cocaine on Jawn’s ships – which I’m sure Vic will be thrilled about.  He also has Round 3,432,998 regarding Chloe, who Vic is determined to evict from the house (again) and forbids Philip from seeing since she is apparently very dangerous.  Um… yeah… those opera singers, they’re a blight on our society!  Down with them all!  Speaking of Chloe, she discovers the disk with Jawn’s memories on it, but will she do anything about it?

In other, shorter storylines:

  • More bad news for the Johnson Family - is baby Joe going to make it?
  • Daniel and Chelsea break up again, and Chelsea apologises to Nick for how she broke up with him (maybe she finally tells him the truth)
  • Bo and Hope are all cute when they dance at Chez Rouge... awwwwww
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Marlena is off canvas this week while Deidre Hall is on her annual vacation - Marlena will be back on screen June 12th. 

Celeste - I've been watching some older episodes lately, and I miss her from our screens!

Coming Up Next Week:

  • EJ turns the tables back on Nicole (never try to cross a DiMera!)
  • Lucas disposes of his anklet and escapes from DiMansion - he and Chloe bond in a moment at the pier
  • John and Ava cosy up together (go get her, Jarlena fans!)
  • Kate becomes ill and it's Doctor Dan to the rescue

Don't forget, you can join us in the TFO forums to discuss this week's happenings on Days - or just post your thoughts on Days in general.

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer: All opinions in this blog are mine and might be tainted with cold and flu meds this week whoooo hoooooooo weeeeeeeeeeeeee!