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Daytime Confidential #246: Grasping at Straws

On today's impromptu episode of Daytime Confidential Luke and Nicki visit with mutual friend Meredith about Sonny "leaving" the mob on General Hospital and who is Meredith's favorite Greg Vaughn or Rick Hearst.


Meredith gives her take on "The Real Greenlee" campaign and the returns of Angie and Jesse to All My Children and what we think of Charles Pratt as the new Head Writer of the venerable show.

Luke and Nicki discuss Guiding Light's alleged budgetary woes and the apparent mass exit of the show's biggest stars.

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We discuss the class system in soaps, cumulative story telling, Soaphunks' Adonis 2008, does anyone still date in soaps and who knew that camera angles made such a difference in the perceived height of daytime's actors. 

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