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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop!  06.02.08


Missing Scotty Baldwin?  You're in luck then as the Special Prosecutor is making his way back to our TV screens.  With the death of his son Logan, look for Scotty to shake things up a bit.  

Spinelli is workling his way through town.  Jason, Patrick, Sam and now Jax.  He'll be the next one to cousel the Jackal on becoming a new man.  Remember I told you he'd be channeling his inner Jax?  

LuSam Fans... it appeared as if TPTB really didn't know where to take the couple that wasn't supposed to take off.  Then there were rumblings that they were dunzo.  Have they possibly figured out a plan?  Not sure, but there are RUMORS that Sam and Elizabeth make peace, sort of.   These RUMORS say that Sam apologizes to Elizabeth and Elizabeth tells Sam she wants Lucky to be happy.  RUMORS also say that Elizabeth tells Sam she doesn't want to hang on to the anger anymore and that eventually she'll be comfortable with Sam spending time with her boys.  Is this the green light for LuSam?  I am seeing that may not be the case.  While the girls may come to an understanding, Sam may still not be the gal for Lucky.  A lot of what's happening here, is plot points to aid in the reveal of Jake's paternity.  What about Sam and Lucky in search of Luke?  I am still seeing that the pair make their way to Mexico in search of Lucky's pop.  I know, it's confusing but IMO, LuSam seems to be a work in progress that TPTB can't seem to completely figure out.  


More angst for Liason?  Looks like Jason sees his family at Kelly's only he's not the one playing the role of Daddy.  Jason and Elizabeth's time together should increase when the paternity is revealed.  I am hearing of a Liason scene sometime this week or next where Jason and Elizabeth discuss how hard it is to stay apart.  Who uncovers the truth about Baby Jake?  It's still looking like Trevor.  The Zacchara's need a weakness and now that Jason has burned their house down they'll do their research.  The conversation about Elizabeth on Thursday was just the beginning.


What kind of mob boss will Jason Morgan be?  Sonny was all about the power, the more he had the better he was.  Jason's never been that interested in being "the man" he was always happy to play second fiddle to Sonny.  So now that he's in charge, will Jason be power hungry like Sonny?  Or will he use his role as head of the organization to keep the peace and protect the ones he loves?

Will Sonny want the business back?  RUMORS say he might and Jason tells him no. 

Lucky and Jason talking too?  It may not just be the girls clearing the air.

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Jerry and Alexis get horizontal.  Will Natasha Cassadine come out to play?

At Patrick's request... Spinelli jackal's Robin's blog. SPOILERS say Robin consults Maxie for help with her little friend.

A fan of JoLu?  They're in love.  Their storyline should develop over the summer. 

Is it a fight with Luke that brings Tracy back home?  That's the RUMOR.

A faked death?  Maybe.

Jax leaving?  RUMORS had Ingo Rademacher agreeing to a contract with some extra vacation time.  Now there are rumblings that he may have found himself a new gig.  Stay tuned... when we know, you'll know.


More on the Paternity Reveal... at least the RUMORS surrounding it.  There was an OLD RUMOR that said Lucky loses his place as Jake's father.  If the RUMORS are true, it looks like once the reveal happens, Jason has Lucky's name removed from Jake's birth certificate. RUMORS are also saying that Elizabeth and the boys move into the Penthouse. 

Logan's Demise... what happens?  I don't have all the details but there are a few making the rounds.  I mentioned Claudia playing a part last week and if the RUMORS are true this is how it should happen.  Logan wants Lulu and he wants her away from Johnny and his crackpot family.  When Lulu tells him no, he doesn't take no for answer.  Another rape storyline?  Looks like.  Again, if the RUMORS are true, Logan tries to rape Lulu and Claudia shoots to kill.  Will this play into the reveal of Logan's secret?  Could it be that he was discharged from the military on suspicion of rape?What about Claudia?  Is her secret that she's a rape survivor?


So many scoops, so little time.  Check back for updates. Thanks to Tina for her help today!