BREAKING NEWS: Johnny Depp to Star in Big Screen Adaptation of "Dark Shadows"



HUGE news for the daytime television industry!

is reporting that ABC Daytime's cult classic vampire soap

Dark Shadows

is being made into a feature film with Tim Burton rumored to direct and Johnny Depp attached to star! Although Dark Shadows was short-lived (1966-1971) the show was groundbreaking due to its mix of the supernatural with the traditional elements of serialized dramam and was a forerunner to such supernatural themed soaps as

Port Charles



and even primetime's

Buffy the Vampire Slayer



To my knowledge, although some movies were later turned into daytime soaps-Peyton Place begat Return to Peyton Place- this will be the first time a daytime soap will be adapted for the big screen. Although to be fair, DS, was also made into a blink-and-you-missed it primetime serial for NBC starring Ben Cross as Barnabas and  Another World's Joanna Going as his gothic love Victoria, but I am betting it's the daytime original that is being used for basis.