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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I was pretty distracted by the baby today, so I wasn’t paying as close attention as I usually do and was too lazy to go back and rewatch stuff.

Spinelli and Maxie together are gold. Spinelli and Maxie apart, in lame stories are not. I get that Maxie has her issues but this whole thing of trying to lure Johnny away from Lulu just seems beneath her. Was she actually going to start taking off her dress when she was on the docks? Really? And Spinelli and the whole gun thing annoys me.

Loved the Sam/Spin/Jason scene where Sam basically disses Jason and his lack of communication to women. Too funny.

Lulu showing up at Carly’s was horrible. The woman is still grieving her comatose son, but Lulu wants her to intervene so her poor widdle Johnny doesn’t get hurt. Puhleeze.

I find it funny that everyone thinks Sonny will be back in the business as soon as his tiff with Carly is over.

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Still liking Niklaudia. SBr’s acting differently than she has been for the past couple of months and it is more likeable.

CarJax, Skate, Anthony, I wasn’t paying enough attention to care.