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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu is an obnoxious little twit who deserves a smack upside the head. The amount of disrespect that she was showing the Qs, considering it’s their home that she’s living in, was unbelievable. 

Hate that Tracy’s back so soon. I knew she would be since JE’s vacation would likely be shorter than TG’s, but could they not have written something decent for the return? Like, she had to get back to work at ELQ? Why have it be that she had yet another tiff with Luke? 

Jerry/Jax: Interesting discussion about Jax’ many marriages and that he leaves when the going gets tough. Strange coming from Jerry of all people, but whatever.

Sonny/Kate; Hated the scene with the distributer guy and Sonny leaning on him. The Kate I knew and once liked would have stood on her own two feet and never allowed Sonny to come to her rescue like that. Is she going to have him throw his weight around every time a problem comes up? And really, does he have any weight since he’s just a coffee importer? Here’s hoping that tomorrow, the distributor guy tells him to go shove it.

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Why did Patrick have Spinelli send the emails to Robin’s blog? Couldn’t he have done the same thing? It’s not like Spinelli hacked in or anything, it looks like all he did was send a bunch of negative emails. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a jackal.

Having said that, I did get a laugh out of the Maxie/Robin scene where Robin asks her to read the email out loud and Maxie realizes that it’s from Spinelli. 

Is it just me, or does it seem as though Diane finds Sonny thoroughly disgusting? I mean, I get it, seeing as I find him thoroughly disgusting, it just seems as though she makes no effort to hide her disgust with him. Which begs the question, if she hates him so much, why bother working for him?

Nik/Claudia: Ok, now I think she’s coming on a little too strong, with the whole “I’m going to regret what didn’t happen”, and all that, and I’m not looking forward to tomorrow’s screech fest with the queen of shriek.