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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Not feeling too hot today so this will be a quickie.


Here's the Scoop! 06.03.08

Elizabeth is not thrilled about Jason taking over the business.  She's afraid Jason will be hurt or worse, killed and she'll lose him forever. 

Robin and Patrick... blog wars, the hacking Jackal and a health scare.  Hey for good measure, let's throw in a love scene!  Remember Stacy from NightShift?  She was the pregnant HIV patient.  RUMORS say the baby's father pays Robin a visit.

Jax wants to try again to have a baby.  Does Carly?

Nikolas and Nadine... while Nikolas is on the Claudia train where will that leave Nurse Nadine?  SPOILERS say she'll be helping the prince with the clinic he is opening in Emily's name. 

Lulu moving?  Remember Tracy returns today and catches Johnny and Lulu in bed together.  She'll tell Lulu that Johnny is not welcome to stay at the Quartermaine Mansion.  RUMORS say Lulu and Johnny may be cohabitating.  Will it be at the MetroCourt?

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Tracy's back but will she be running the Haunted Star?  Once again, RUMORS say the Star goes BOOM!

More and more I am seeing about the possible attempted rape storyline that leads to Logan's death.  Scotty will not believe that Logan was trying to rape Lulu.  IF and WHEN Logan's secret comes out, will Scotty understand?  Still seeing it's Claudia that kills him and it could be what leads to the MOC storyline. 

Jerry goes to bat for Alexis.  He's RUMORED to stand up to ZaCrazy and tell him Alexis and her children are under his protection.  Will Alexis' relationship with Jerry Jacks take her out of the DA's chair once again?


LuSam... we will see them in Mexico. 

Anna Stuff... she's getting that storyline that kept Finola Hughes away from Y&R.  RUMORS say she met with TPTB and the actress may have even pitched a few ideas that the higher ups liked. 

Nikolas Cassadine... mob man?  The Cassadine's always seemed to walk a fine line IMO.  They're evil and ruthless and obviously successful in their business deals considering how wealthy they are.  But they were never in the mob per se.  Is that about to change?