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General Hospital More Spoilers!

I have a few Scoops and one in particular that the DaytimeConfidential readers may like.  

Has there been a change to the death of Logan Hayes - Baldwin?  Don't get too excited, the character is still SPOILED to die but is it in the controversial rape storyline we first reported?  RUMORS are rampant that Logan may die saving Lulu from the mob danger she is so determined to put herself right in the middle of.  A few things may have contributed to the change in storyline direction.  One is the obvious one that this RUMOR was nothing but fanfic to begin with.  Another might just be the fan outcry when news hit the internet about Logan's demise.  Also being cited for the possible change, the fact that General Hospital is up to its ears in negativity and a rape storyline just isn't in the cards for the dwindling soap.  


If Logan dies a hero will his secret ever be uncovered?  Not sure.  How about Scotty?  We know Kin is picking up some screentime with his son's death however, the details are not clear.  IF the rape storyline was to happen, Scotty was RUMORED to fight everyone claiming there is no way Logan would try to rape Lulu.  Now that the RUMORS are pointing to a more honorable death, what will Scotty's role be?  Perhaps he'll try to take down the mob, the same mob that would be blamed for Logan's death.  Don't forget the RUMORS that Alexis vacates the DA chair due to her relationship with Jerry.  Could Scott be leaving his role as Special Prosecutor and take his seat back as DA?  

Jax RUMORS... first we heard Ingo was taking a long leave for the birth of his child.  Then it was RUMORED that he was not re-signing with GH and had possibly landed a primetime gig.  NOW the RUMORS are pointing back to a long vacation (four months has been thrown out there) and a storyline to facilitate his leaving.  IF this is true, it could be the reveal of the Limo Sex that has Jax leaving his wife behind. 

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Scrubs... health scare coming.  Bed rest prescribed.  Comedy coming. 

Jerry and Alexis sex... it seems EVERYONE finds out that two are knocking boots.  The Jacks brothers may even rumble over their favorite legal eagle. 

Kate and Carly fighting?  RUMORS have the ladies arguing, again.  Remember, Carly doesn't know that Kate paid Ian off.