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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop!  06.04.08


The Marriage of Convenience definitely involves Claudia but the groom has only been RUMORED.  Everyone from Jason to Jerry to Nikolas is supposed to walk down the aisle with the mafia princess.  I am still seeing it's a prince she marries. Is there a change in Logan's killer?  RUMORS say that may be the case.  Will it be Nikolas that actually pulls the trigger?

Kate's secret?  Is that storyline finally seeing the light of day or will it be shelved on the back of the rack?  Well Crimson's launch is fast approaching and they didn't cast Kate's nemesis, Giselle, for a party scene only.  Is it Giselle that wrecks havoc on Kate?  RUMORS say yes!  The question is which secret is being exposed?  That Kate is really Connie Falconari or is there more?

Nikolas and Nadine... while it appears they've dropped a romantic pairing for these two they can still be friends.  I mentioned yesterday that Nadine works with Nikolas on his clinic project.  RUMORS say that while Nikolas and Nadine are checking out property for the clinic they may find themselves in the clink.  It appears they are charged with trespassing.  Two arrests storylines?  Remember SPOILERS say Lucky and Sam wind up behind bars as well. 

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Jerry Jacks international criminal turns gentleman?  We've told you that Jerry and Alexis finally give into all that sexual tension.  The next day, Alexis finds her office filled with flowers.  A few visitors to the DA's office take her to task for her relationship with the man that poisoned her nephew and shot Robin.  Diane tells her friend she a hypocrite for telling Diane to stay away from Max and Ric can't believe she's once again shacked up with a criminal.  Hey pot, kettle's calling.  

Fan of Diane and Max?  They should be getting a little mini-story. 


More CGI?  The SPOILERS that say the Haunted Star goes BOOM are now saying more CGI will be used to sink that ship for good. Who's responsible for the Star sinking?