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ADONIS 2008 Week 3 Finalists

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Well everyone I hope you're ready, cause I've got the results for the week 3 semifinals of the ADONIS 2008 competition at!! This week was close between all 8 semifinalists, but alas only 2 could move on. So as Soapy would say, "Let's get started!!"

The first hottie to make it through is a familiar face from Days of Our Lives but is the newest addition to Bold and the Beautiful. Yes you got it, it's none other than Brandon Beemer. In reading the comments Soapy revealed to us that Brandon's very own mother voted for him and called him, "a mother's dream." If that wasn't awww enough for us, Brandon himself stopped by to chat. He's such an endearing guy and I hope he stops by for more chats because he seems like an absolute sweetheart to talk to. Will he be the very first Bold and the Beautiful guy to win the title of ADONIS? Only time will tell.

But not if Greg Vaughan fans have anything to say about it, as he is the other guy in this weeks semifinals to move on to the big competition. Lucky Spencer may not be so lucky on General Hospital, but Greg has faired well in years past and I'm sure will do so again. His fans came out in spades to vote for their boy and got him through. He came out with a sweeping victory in the Daytime Confidential poll I posted last week so it will be interesting to see how he does in the finals. 

Our third place hottie was a shocker for some. Most thought it would be Aiden Turner of All My Children who would make it through but instead Joshua Morrow came out with the votes. So Nick Newman fans never fear.....even though he didn't make it in this week he automatically has a place in the wildcard week coming soon so you can still get him through. Let's just hope the wardrobe department over at The Young and the Restless gives him some shirtless scenes to help you out.

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Now as all of you know my favorite hottie of soaps is Murray Bartlett of Guiding Light. Unfortunately he did not make it through which saddens me. But The competition must go on and I am far too invested to give it all up. Fortunately my second favorite hottie is already in the finals so I'm good to go. Who will I be putting my support behind? Well I'm not shy of my opinion so I'm sure you all can figure it out. But can you blame a girl for drooling over a hot doc who was caught in a steam room wearing nothing but a towell? I think not!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for another poll for the 4th weeks semifinals!! I'm very intrigued to see who the Daytime Confidential readers are voting to make it through to the finals this time. 

To see more pictures of your favorite hotties and to get more information on the contest please visit Soap Hunks.

One more announcement before I go: Tomorrow marks the 10th Anniversary of's creation. It was June 5th, 1998 that Soapy put the site out there and since then it has become one of the most popular soap fan sites on the web. so HUGE CONGRATS Soapy my friend. You deserve major kudos for all the work and all the success through these years. Here's to hoping that your site will be around for years to come.