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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Wow, today was the height of boringness. So much so that I wasn’t going to write anything and instead, go play in Ebay (I’ve started selling and I’m now obsessed!!!). But I need to vent just a little.

Lulu; just keeps getting worse and worse. I wonder if there is an actual Lulu fan base that adores her and feels she does no wrong. Because if there is, it boggles my mind. I wanted Nik to smack her and remind her that she only remembers he exists when she wants to come and complain about her love life with Johnny. And then I wanted Claudia to smack her, well, just because. Also, if Lulu wants an actual relationship with Johnny, isn’t it in her best interest to be nice to Claudia, someone that Johnny loves??

Sonny/Kate; Meh. And of course Sonny’s such an asshat he can’t apologize to Spinelli for banging him into a wall, but instead, threatens him again, for existing.

Spinelli, just stop trying to be someone else already. It’s getting old and isn’t funny anymore.

Maxie, you did not just drool all over Sonny. Oh no you didin’t.

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Jax, you’re right most of the time, but claiming that having the Zs in your hotel will create another hostage crisis is rather hypocritical, considering it was your brother who did that.

Scrubs: please, please, please, stop fighting over sillyness.

Liked the Jason/Johnny scene and I’d be fine with those two teaming up and getting rid of Sonny and Trevor. (we can keep Anthony only because BW is so good)

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s better.