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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 06.05.08

More on Scrubs... Is Patrick asking Robin to move in?  RUMORS say Dr. Drake proposes cohabitation and Robin may turn him down.  Look for Robin's health scare ( should be next Friday ) to get Patrick's butt in gear.  It's RUMORED to be a real gut check for him.  Legal comedy?  Still happening.  Patrick wants to know his rights; Mac wants to protect Robin who once again must call on Maxie to back Mac down.  I love all the screen time Kirsten Storms is getting!  SPOILERS say Patrick suggests they move in together when he finds out Robin plans on making the nursery in the closet. 


Claudia is giving someone a sponge bath?  Looks like she trades in her Mafia Princess title for Nurse Nightingale.  Who's the patient?  Not completely sure.  There are RUMORS about a virus/fever that could affect Jason and/or Spinelli.  

NightShift... it’s supposed to match up with the storylines on GH but its being written and produced by its own crew.  So who is directing who?  RUMORS say Guza has been told where Robin and Patrick must be when NightShift premieres. 

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Sonny and Kate get engaged... at some point the Fashionista is RUMORED to have a ring on that all important finger.  Is there a little confusion before the engagement?  RUMORS say (well it could be fanfic) that Diane mistakes the ring as one Max has bought for her.  While Sonny and Kate seem to be getting stronger, Carly and Jax should be falling apart.  It's a lead up to Ingo taking his leave.  There will be lots of jealousy on Carly's part.


LuSam in Mexico... end up in jail?  That's a RUMOR out there as well as a bar fight which could lead to them being locked up.  I've mentioned they're in Mexico helping Luke.  Supposedly, Sam gets a message from her employer that he needs her help and Lucky tags along.  I'm hearing that the LuSam fans should love their time in Mexico. 


Claudia causing trouble?  No, not Claudia.  RUMORS say she'll offer Maxie some money to seduce Johnny away from Lulu.  Will the jackal find out?