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Young and Restless: Scoops and Spoilers

Get your shades and sunscreen on folks cause its going to be hot! I'll be giving you the 411 on the summer storylines.


David/Nikki/Paul: Paul decides to let Nikki in on what he’s found out about her current hubby’s past. Nikki decides to grab the bull by the horns and let David know what she knows. He then tells Nikki about how his first committed suicide and that the second Mrs. Chow kicked the bucket in a car crash and how he blew all the money she left David away with gambling. Don’t think David does this out of the goodness of his heart, he decides its truth time with Nikki because he wants to put the breaks on Paul’s expedition of his past. David then tells Nikki about how he’s still gambling. Nikki gives into David’s explanations of his former wives and tells Paul to take a break on his digging which Paul informs him that he’s stopped. However, Nikki doesn’t get that memo because she decides to play Nancy Drew and do some sleuthing of her own. Hot for cash David decides to hock Nikki’s wedding gift to him which she notices has disappeared which doesn’t do anything for her doubts about him.. Rumor has it that Paul gives Nikki a shoulder to lean on and that David sees his wife and Paul hugging which makes him see red. Who is he Victor#2?

Speaking of Victor, look for his soon-to-be mom-in-law to hit town. She has an agenda. Like mother like daughter?

Neil: He pops the question to Karen.

Gloria: She decides its time to sing soprano about her misdeeds. I wonder if she’s really going to...

Colleen: When she comes back from China (damn!), she decides on whether or not she wants to be with Adrian. Does she really have a say after the stunt she pulled on him?

Summer spoilers

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Cane and Lily: Remember I told you about that heifer Chloe, she’s going to be the fly in their ointment folks.

Speaking of the Winters, look for  Devon's family to hit GC and cause drama for Neil and his crew and also thaw his plans on making Karen his Mrs. Winters.

Adam and Heather: Fans of these two should get ready to see more! Their relationship is about to get steamier which will have their families against each other as well as their businesses feuding too. We're going to be seeing a new side to Heather and the real Adam.. Looks like Paul's going to be busy this summer and I am interested on seeing the real Adam myself!

Victor and Sabrina: Sictor do get hitched but their wedded bliss will fizzle while Nikki's life hits the skids due to David's gambling. Gear yourselves to see the true David to be revealed in true daytime fashion.

Jack/Sharon/Nick/Phyllis: Their lil' happy go lucky work relationship's about to get rocky when they aren't on the same page as to how their magazine should be. Its going to hit a catastrophic climax in the summer.

Baldwin/Fisher clan: Michael decides to play junior detective on his past and then decides that he shouldn't have while baby bro Kevin and Jana plan their upcoming nuptuals. Mom Gloria and Jeff's worlds will crash into each other.

Psst! Word on the rumor mill is that Tracey Ross (Eve; Passions) was spotted visiting the Y&R set. Now again it’s a RUMOR not fact and nothing could come from it. Maybe she was visiting some friends; maybe she went to check out what a real show is like. Maybe she’s trying out for a new part.… Who knows!