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Daytime Confidential #249: Tom Casiello Interview

On today's show Luke and Jamey visit with Tom Casiello, veteran soap scribe turned blogger, about his career in the daytime industry. (Visit: Tom's Myspace Profile to read his blog) He tells of what it was like to work on Another World during its final years on air.


Casiello reminisces about his time on As the World Turns and what it was like to be apart of the show's rejuvenation under Hogan Sheffer and the advice Sheffer gave him when he began working at One Life to Live. He shares a story about a recent encounter with As the World Turns' Ellen Dolan and how the As the World Turns cast and crew were really like a family.

We discuss his time at Days of Our Lives and whether or not the "Big Four" were actually backburnered. He talks about writing John Black's funeral and answers the question of whether or not he'd return to the show he's watched since childhood, given the opportunity.

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Casiello talks about his blog, being fired from Days of Our Lives and how the Writers Strike helped him realize the importance of the Writers Guild. He talks about the impact of the Writers Strike on the elimination of the Breakdown Writer from many shows and explains the difference between a Breakdown Writer and an Associate Head writer. He provides his thoughts on the evolution of internet soaps such as Eden Riegel's Imaginary Bitchesand Karen Harris' Life in General.

We discuss all this and much more on today's episode of Daytime Confidential. After listening to today's show be sure to drop by Tom's MySpace Profile and leave him a comment about today's show.

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