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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Liz/Sam: Wow. Who knew they had it in them. Apologies that seemed genuine, on both sides. Admitting the lies and the pain caused, on both sides. Accepting that they have Lucky (and Jason) in common. Being civil to one another. Now, I doubt they’ll become best friends forever or anything, but I liked what I saw between them today.

Apparently Sonny didn’t get the memo that he’s no longer in charge. First, with threatening the bookie guy. Totally loved that the bookie guy wasn’t cowering down to the all mighty greasy one. Then, getting all up in Jason’s face about respect, when he clearly isn’t showing Jason any and then demanding Jason do his bidding. I would have loved to see Jason call Max or Milo to come in and have Sonny thrown out. Also, absolutely detested how Sonny treated Spinelli, again. And fine, Jason came to Spin’s defence but only after Spin had left the room.

Kate/Maxie: Loved that Maxie came to Spinelli’s defense and Kate realized she was being a biatch. Now if only Maxie realized just what Spin means to her.

So basically, Lulu’s day consists of walking around town and shrieking at people. She finally shows up at work, spends a minute and a half there, and then heads back out to shriek at more people. Well that’s not annoying or anything.

CarJax:I understand that men think they should fix every problem, but does Jax really think now is a good time to try and have another baby? Carly doesn’t have the best odds when it comes to pregnancy, is it wise to take a chance on another miscarriage so soon after the last one and after losing Micheal?

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Claudia/Johnny:I understand why she wants Johnny to stay away from Lulu, but I never, at any time, understood why he was so adamant about her staying away from Nikolas. It’s not like he knows who Nikolas is. It’s not like Nik is a sociopath like Jerry. Very odd.