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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop!  06.06.08


The virus story... it is Claudia, Jason and Spinelli who are quarantined in Jason's penthouse due to some weird virus the three are exposed to.  Sarah Brown confirmed that she was giving sponge baths at work and it's all a part of the storyline.  RUMORS say that Jason becomes feverish and a little delirious.  Claudia goes to give him a sponge bath to cool his fever and in his delirium, Jason thinks Claudia is Elizabeth.  The RUMORS go on to say that Jason starts talking to Claudia as if she were Elizabeth and he may just let the cat out of the bag and tell Claudia he is Jake's father. 

Now, we need to back up a bit.  SPOILERS say that Elizabeth is questioned by a reporter and she reaffirms that Lucky is Jake's father.  This was RUMORED a few weeks back and at that time it was supposed to be because Elizabeth is Jason's alibi.  Well that no longer seems to be the case but the reporter is still questioning the single mom according to RUMORS.  Why?  Not sure.  It could be because of her relationship with the new mob boss.  Remember it’s a matter of court records now.  These RUMORS go on to say that Elizabeth not only tells the reporter Lucky is Jake's father but she'll try to out even more distance between herself and Jason by telling the reporter that she and Lucky are getting back together.  WHAT!? 

Lucky and Sam are in Mexico doing whatever they have to do to help Luke.  While the pair is getting closer, Sam will still feel that she will always be second best to Elizabeth.  What happens when it’s in the papers that Elizabeth and Lucky are reuniting? Hang with me here... it gets a little crazy.  RUMORS say (please get your salt boulders ready) that Lucky is not happy when he finds out what Elizabeth told the reporters.  Elizabeth convinces him though that this is what they need to do to keep the boys safe.  Show everyone they are a family.  What about Sam?  Well it looks like Sam may be in on the charade.  The RUMORS go onto say that the three of them, Sam, Elizabeth and Lucky all agree to work together to protect the boys.  Is this why Sam is apologizing to Liz and Liz decides to finally let the anger go?  Is it all one big plot point?  Back to the RUMOR... Sam and Elizabeth may even go as far as staging a public fight over Lucky to convince everyone that Liz and Lucky are back together.  

Is Jason in on the plan?  There are some RUMORS that say he might be but it looks like IF THIS HAPPENS, Jason will be in the dark just as much as the rest of Port Chuck.  These RUMORS continue on with saying that the three, Elizabeth, Lucky and Sam think they can keep the charade up with LuSam meeting in secret and keep both boys safely away from Jason's life.  But they may need Jason to bail them out when their plan blows up in their face.  

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NOW... these could all be either overblown SCOOPS or a FANFIC.  It's the risk we run on our SPOILER hunts.  There will be a united front with Lucky and Liz to make sure Cameron and Jake stay safe.  Whether its as extreme and elaborate of a storyline as above or as simple as LL2 doing what they can to ensure safety, it should all be one big plot point.  One that shows the only one who can really protect Jason's family, is Jason. 

Interesting Idea.... a little bit of a recycle of the classic fake relationships of Jax & Alexis and Chloe & Ned.  Will it work?  IF this is true, are the fans hip to this idea?  What about Claudia?  IF Jason does tell her he is Jake's daddy, what will she do with that information? 

Scrubs Stuff... when they finally seem to be making some headway, Mac steps in and screws it all up.  Mac has Patrick arrested and Maxie has to help Robin make her way out of GH (in a wheelchair) to bail her baby daddy out of jail.  Robin and Patrick should find themselves back on their track with fighting over living together and whether or not its possible to turn a closet into a nursery.  Robin may also start feeling another side effect of pregnancy... an increase in her desire for sex.  


My Girl Maxie... you know when she was keeping Lucky hooked on drugs and having an affair with him, I really hated her.  Now, she's becoming my favorite character!  Good news for me, Maxie seems to be getting a good amount of screen time.  She'll be involved in Scrub's story and have a little storyline with Claudia paying her to seduce Johnny away from Lulu.  And we of course can not forget the addition of Jason Cook as Dr. Matt Hunter.  Maxie will definitely be sharing the screen with the new doc in town.  Will it be steamy?  Jason Cook was supposed to be hitting our screens sometime next week, however, that has been delayed a bit.  He should start showing up towards the end of June.  Once again, re-writes are being cited as the reason for the delay.