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Young and Restless: Miguel's Gone

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I can't believe it! After almost 25 years of faithful service to the Newmans, Miguel Rodriguez is gone! On today's show we learned that Miguel has left the Newman Ranch for good to care for his sick aunt. The thing that ticked me off about this was not getting to see Miguel one last time. I feel like long time fans of this show, like me, were jipped in seeing a proper goodbye to one of the show's most popular minor characters.

One thing I have always enjoyed about The Young and the Restless are the minor characters. They have always been quirky and just nice to have around. Miguel was one of my favorite minor characters. He was always kind of like Victor Newman's right hand man. Over the years he became part of the Newman family rather than just the butler. He even had a major storyline with Veronica Landers in the late 90's. For a character that has so much history on this show, his exit was disappointing to say the least.

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