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Days of Our Lives: Weekly Preview from Denial Island

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G’day Days fans and welcome to this week’s Days of Our Lives episode Preview from Denial Island (June 9-13).  Yawn.  Is anyone else bored with the storylines at the moment?  I know I'm starting to file my nails while watching... *snores*.  


I'll start with Kate, because, *shock* this week Kate has finally got her very own storyline, all to herself.  One that doesn't involve (s)mothering her children, being the Salem welcome wagon or screwing over Sami.  Like I said, *shock*!  This storyline is going to involve Kate having to wear some of Salem's finest gowns - hospital ones that is, that's right kids, Kate is sick.  Sick enough to need Doctor McHottie Dan's help to diagnose her.  While in hospital, Kate and Dr McHottie have a chat about a mutual interest - Chelsea.  Kate knows he's got the hots for her granddaughter, but McHottie says he's wants to end things.  You know, replace Kate with Chelsea in this conversation and... I could swear we've already seen this a few hundred times already.

Max the Mathematical Genius

So who's heard the *spoiler* about Dean Robbins being Max's real father?  Well, no wonder Max has been going off the deep end lately (I like Max getting his angry on, he should do that more often *wink*); hopefully there is some soapy good skeletons in the closet with this newest plot point, otherwise I'm going back to filing my nails.  It is *rumored* that Max will let 'er rip on his long lost Dad this week, which could be worth tuning in for.  Also, Kayla clues Caroline in on Max's hidden talent, which puzzles her as much as it has everyone else watching the show these past few months.

Unlikely Alliances

Ava and Nicole share more BFF moments, comiserating over their (lack of) lovelive's.  Ava confesses she has had some interest lately, but that it's with Jawn.  Nicole encourages her to persue it (and the Jarlena fans add Nicole to their hitlist lol).  Nicole better watch out - as I said last week, never cross a DiMera; EJ turns the tables on his kissing pal/client, when he gets the dirt on her and starts his own blackmailing scheme (YES! Grey EJ is back!).  *Rumor/Spoiler* has it that this dirt will involve Nicole's past with Max's Daddy Trent Robbins.  Hmm... find out more about this in next week's preview.  In the end, Ava decides to accept Jawn's date offer, much to the disapproval of Citizen's of the Year Lucas and Sami.  On their date, they share a kiss (look away Jarlena fans).

Speaking of Lucas, another unlikely alliance that is gathering force is that between himself and Chloe (smushname Chucas).  As we saw last week, Lucas jumped straight on Salem's pointing finger bandwagon (with accompanying slogan: "guilty until proven innocent") regarding Chloe's responsibility in turning ex-husband Brady to drugs.  But after releasing himself of his pretty jail anklet, Lucas hides out at the pier before spotting an upset Chloe.  Deciding to comfort her, Chloe then takes the opportunity to propose an alliance between the two of them and Lucas agrees.  For the life of me, I can't figure out what Lucas has to offer Chloe, but we'll watch and find out together, ok?  Or not, I might need to file my nails some more.

The Kiriakis Empire vs Jawn Black DiMera

I have to admit, I am enjoying the battle of the Titans (pun intended lol) - Victor vs Son is great; there's something that is still all powerful about Victor, whereas Philip is reminding me of a pup in training.  Meanwhile, Jawn's fight to clear his name continues also.  He learns that former ally Paul Hollingsworth has done the dirty on him, even though Paul tells Jawn he had nothing to do with the drug bust.  Methinks Paul has bitten off more than he can chew - he manages to get both Philip and Jawn offside and warns daughter Morgan to stay away from Philip (aww, does she have to? I like Morph/Phorgan).  On a more positive note, Marlena returns to DiMansion on Thursday, but is she too late to claim her man? 

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In other, shorter storylines:

  • Sami is suspicious that Lucas has broken house arrest and questions him about it
  • Bo and Hope continue their detective work with a search warrant for DiMansion


Doug & Julie  - any bets on whether they and Alice might make a special appearance for the upcoming July 4th episodes?

Coming Up Next Week:

  • Kate's diagnosis is revealed, but she doesn't want Doctor McHottie as her physician
  • Nicole's relationship with Trent aka Dean Robbins is revealed
  • Philip and Morgan share a smooch which DivaChloe witnesses and freaks out about
  • Jawn does some damage control with Blondie (Marlena)

Don't forget, you can join us in the TFO forums to discuss this week's happenings on Days - or just post your thoughts on Days in general.

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer: All opinions in this blog are mine and reflect how bored I am with some of the current storylines zzzzzzzzz