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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop!  06.09.08


First Sam apologizes and comes to an understanding with Elizabeth.  Now there are SPOILERS that say Lucky tells Jason thank you.  The detective tells the new mob boss thank you for making the sacrifice of giving up Jake.  It should be after that conversation that Jason sees Lucky and "his" family at Kelly's.  A slight nod to the Liason faithful, Jason is RUMORED to grab Elizabeth's arm as she passes him on her way into Kelly's.

Sam gets the message but it's Lucky who figures out the riddle.  Look for Lucky to decode his dad's message to Sam and the two head off to Mexico.  They'll meet up with a friend of Sam's from her days as a con artist. 

Tracey may have left Luke on his own and she may have taken all his money with her.  Tracey should be battling the Z's over the Haunted Star.  Who blows up the boat?  Well, my money is on the Zacchara's.

As Sonny requested, ordered, Jason takes care of the loan shark that gave Mike the beat down.  He'll tell Mike it's been taken care of but he'll also inform him that Sonny is no longer in power and there is only so much Jason can do for him from here on out.  

Robin and Elizabeth talk about motherhood and fears.  Robin is fearful of dying and leaving her child behind.  Also turning to the nurse for some friendly advice and conversation... Patrick. 

Spinelli will be Leyla's date to the wedding.  We'll meet her mom and she wants to know where the Doctor is that Leyla was supposed to be dating.  SPOILERS say Leyla's mom makes sure she catches the bouquet. Will Spinelli defend his date's honor?  Looks like those work out sessions start to pay off. 

I mentioned Jax taking over the make-over.  It looks the Jackal takes a break and Damien emerges with an accent?  Every girl loves an accent. 

Father's Day themes?  It looks like we'll get treated to a few Father's Day themed scenes on GH.  Max wants to help Sonny by helping him forget its Father's Day.  Diane shares with Jason about how important her own father was to her.  Patrick's fears for Robin and their baby. 


Mayor Floyd makes an appearance or two.  RUMORS have him with Mac discussing the increase of mobsters and their families in Port Chuck.  He may also be putting a wrench in Nikolas' plan to open the clinic in Emily's name.  

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Nikolas buys a building.  The Prince has found a place for the Emily Quartermaine Free Clinic.  He'll share this with a few ladies.  Nadine, Leyla and Claudia all get a glimpse.  Remember, Nadine and Nik wind up behind bars for breaking and entering.

The Z's plan on a new homefront.  Anthony makes plans to re-build and Claudia wants Johnny to go along with dear old dad, for now. 

Anthony's role in Logan's death?  I mentioned that the original plan or at least the original, RUMORED plan on how Logan will die had been changed.  Some onliners are citing the fan backlash to yet another rape storyline.  Logan's death may just tie into another storyline I told you about.  Alexis!  RUMORS say Anthony threatens Kristina to Alexis and he tells her, she will do what he says as the DA if she wants to protect her daughter.  It looks like despite the threats, Alexis resigns as DA and Special Prosecutor Scott Baldwin steps in.  The LATEST RUMORS say that Anthony decides to put the heat on Scotty and when he refuses, Logan pays the price.  This all means that father and son share some screentime before Logan's death.


Jason Cook's arrival was delayed and the new doc may have a start date.  RUMORS say Dr. Matt Hunter pops up in PC on Friday, June 20th.  Robin and Maxie have been spending a lot of time together lately.  Is that how Maxie meets the new doctor on staff?


Johnny switches teams.  I am still seeing RUMORS that Johnny Z may be working for Jason soon. 


Carly preggers?  RUMORS have had a possible Who's the Daddy (WTD) story happening.  I am hearing she may just wind up pregnant with Jax's baby.  

Kate blackmails Carly?  There are RUMORS that Kate tries to get Carly to let Sonny see Morgan and the fashionista may stoop to blackmail to make that happen.  IF this is true, Carly isn't having it and goes to Sonny and tells him what his girlfriend is up to.  Now this could turn into an interesting storyline.  RUMORS say Carly taunts Kate with the fact that she slept with Sonny.  Is this the source of Kate's blackmail?  Possibly.  Kate however has no idea who she is messing with as Jax takes his leave soon and Carly will need something to keep her occupied.  What's better than digging up dirt on your ex's girlfriend?  Will Kate's secret finally see the light of day thanks to Carly and her plans? 

Fake Death Storyline?  This one is gaining steam. 

Ric tells Anthony that Jason has a son.  So much for protecting Elizabeth and her children Ric.  IF this one is true, look for Ric to tell ZaCrazy before Trevor gets the chance to.

Get your SALT BOULDERS out.  RUMORS that Forbes March (ex-Nash, OLTL) may be joining the cast of General Hospital.