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BREAKING NEWS: Guiding Light Writing Team Changes!

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Soap Opera Central is reporting that there have been changes to Guiding Light's writing team. Guiding Light Executive Producer Ellen Wheeler has confirmed that David Kreizman is no longer the single head writer of the show. Jill Lorie Hurst, Christopher Dunn, and Lloyd "Lucky" Gold have all been given the status of "head writer". Along with David Kreizman, the new head writers will form two teams that will work with one another to try and improve this once great show. 

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After months of complaining, something is finally happening at Guiding Light...or has it? Don't all of these people already write for the show? Therefore, the way I see it is, we're not getting any new writers, just old ones with more power. However, at least Guiding Light is acknowledging that there is a serious problem with the writing. It's a start.