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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop!  06.10.08


Alexis & Jerry...  they get physical soon.  Possibly twice in one week.  Remember, everyone finds out about their love affair.  Alexis tells Diane she has real feelings for Jerry Jacks. Jerry becomes Alexis' rock during the threats from Anthony Zacchara.  Sonny blows her off and tells her she's exaggerating.  Ric goes to ZaCrazy and asks him if he's threatened Alexis and Kristina.  Anthony thinks the DA could help them.  You would think Ric quits, but nope!  He stays on with the Zacchara family.  Apparently its more important to take down Trevor.  Carly is RUMORED to come to Alexis' aid when she asks Sonny to give up Kristina.  

Sonny doesn't think Carly will really keep him away from his children.  Right now, he feels that Carly just needs some time.  What happens if he's wrong?  Sonny has given up everything in hopes of keeping his children safe and in his life.  When he asks for the business back, Jason tells him no.

Liason/LuSam... I mentioned the big plan.  Fake a relationship to protect Jake.  Sam's in on the secret but Jason is not.  Will ZaCrazy buy it?  I am hearing no.  Really this is all one big plot point.  Daisyclover got it right yesterday.  Lucky will be crushed when Jason finally claims his family.  Remember those REALLY OLD RUMORS from months ago?  The custody battle ones?  

Spixie... is the cutest couple ever over before it even started?  Well Spinelli finds out about Claudia's indecent proposal and is upset that Maxie agrees to the terms.  They should be at oddd for a bit. 


The Virus... RUMORS that Claudia is infected/exposed when she shows up at the penthouse to once again ask Jason to kill her father.  Will other residents of PC come down with this virus?

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Crimson photo shoot... happening at the MetroCourt and Carly is not happy about it.  Jax may side with his wife for a change. 

Scrubs... After the scare, Kelly puts Robin on two weeks bedrest.  Is Patrick playing nurse?

Slight Correction... Jason Cook should start on June 26th. 

Showing up in print... Antonio Sabato Jr as Jagger Cates.  He will be on General Hospital NightShift.  Will he have a son with him?  Remember, you heard it here, first.



Jax's penthouse... apparently he still has it.  Who will be his renter?

Anthony wants Claudia to prove something.  Her loyalty to her family. 

Nadine... will she be paired with Nikolas?  RUMORS have said no because of Claudia.  The pair will work on the clinic together and they may get closer.  CRAZY RUMOR that Nadine may be paired with Lucky somewhere down the line. 

I mentioned yesterday that the faked death RUMOR is gaining steam.  Who's faking their death?  Any guesses?