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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop!  06.11.08

How about we kick it off with a little Scrubs!  Patrick suggests that Robin move in with him at his apartment.  His place has more room than hers and their baby's nursery wouldn't have to be made in the closet.  Robin says no thanks and there are some funny RUMORS attached to this one.  How about a FANFIC or SPOILER, you be the judge?  Does Robin enlist Elizabeth's help?  Dr. Scorpio may call on Nurse Webber to drop off baby Jake with Patrick just to give him a little taste of fatherhood.  FANFIC or SPOILER, you be the judge.  


Oh I'm not done with Scrubs yet! Robin admits her fears to Elizabeth.  Not just about Patrick but about her.  She's a woman living with HIV and there is always that possibility she will leave her child behind due to her illness.  Are we finally going to see more HIV in this HIV pregnancy storyline?  If these RUMORS are true, we'll start to. Elizabeth advises her friend to give Patrick a chance and stop counting him out as a dad.  Don't forget, the father of Stacy's baby shows up at GH.  What about the legal drama?  Still happening from everything I see and it’s said to be funny.  In the end, Robin and Patrick should resolve their issues by agreeing to live together.

Logan's Death... still seeing that it's Anthony who kills him and all to prove a point to Scotty.  The new D.A. Will Logan's death turn into a murder mystery storyline?  RUMORS say Scotty will have a bigger role on the canvas due to his son's death. 

ONLINE RUMBLINGS say the wedding was shot this week.  Claudia's marriage of convenience (MOC) should be popping up in the next few weeks.  I am still not 100% sure of who the groom is but RUMORS are saying that Claudia and Ric may engage in the relationship that Anthony has been pushing.  Nikolas and Claudia should still dance around each other. 

Lucky moves in.... with Elizabeth?  That's a RUMOR out there.  It looks like Lucky may be moving into Elizabeth's house to keep her and the boys safe.  ZaCrazy is RUMORED to make threats towards Elizabeth and her children and Ric is still RUMORED to be behind the reveal of Jake's paternity.  NOW, LuSam fans, some are speculating that this is the beginning of the end for your couple.  Sam may not be able to handle Elizabeth always coming first.  Enjoy Mexico, I hear it's fun and cute.  Liason fans, they should still be a go.  As I've said before, Jake's paternity reveal should be bringing them closer.  

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LuSam in Mexico... the email comes from one of Luke's fake identities.  Luke needs Sam to bring him some jewels he has stashed on the Haunted Star since Tracy skipped out with all his cash.  Once they hit Mexico, they need information and the two wind up in a bar fight.  That's not what lands their butts in jail though.  Sam punches out Sharon, a con from Sam's past who happens to hit on Lucky.  Sam gets arrested for fighting with Sharon and Lucky doesn't want her in a Mexican jail by herself.  He'll punch out a cop so he gets arrested too. 

Will Carly wind up pregnant?  It appears so and the hints should be popping up soon.  Kate is RUMORED to find out about the limo sex and she may use that to try to blackmail Carly into giving Sonny back his rights to Morgan.  As I mentioned, Carly heads straight to Sonny who tells Kate to back off.  What happens IF Carly winds up preggers?  Will Kate tell Jax?  Will Jax still be around? 


RUMORS still say... that Sonny and Kate get engaged.

Let the games begin... and the prize is $20,000.  Maxie will screw with Lulu's mind in her quest to bed Johnny and become twenty grand richer.

More about NightShift...  when Jagger returns the SPOILERS say he'll have his son Stone with him.  There is some speculation that Jagger's son will have autism.