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One Life to Live: Happy Birthday Susan Haskell

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Says ABC. COM: Susan Haskell is coming back to One Life to Live;  "Yes, THE Marty Saybrooke: Cole's mother. The woman Todd raped in college. The person that finally started to get John to smile. And the one that went over a cliff in a van, which blew up and seemingly killed her.


Only she's not dead. So what's going on? Is this somehow connected to Tina's return? The arrival of Kevin Spirtas' character? We can tell you that Marty's return—scheduled for early June—is going to be an important piece of a larger, very exciting story that's going to help OLTL celebrate it's 40th year in a big way!

Susan played Marty from 1993 to 1997. She won a Daytime Emmy for the role in 1994. The character of Marty returned to the canvas in 2006, played by Christina Chambers, but the actress exited last year with Marty's apparent death."

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In one of those terrific real life coincidences turns out she is scheduled to return on Wednesday June 11 2008 just one day after the actress celebrates her birthday. We wish many happy returns of the anniversary of your birth, and hope that having the original Marty back (I'm so glad they didn't disrespect christina chambers by saying "the REAL Marty"!) is as much fun and excitement as the rest of this soap is turning out to be!