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One Life to Live: Nelson Branco Weighs In On BE Boardroom Reveal


This must be like when newlyweds have that first spat, after the wife burns the Hamburger Helper or the hubby leaves the toilet seat up, or perhaps it's the wife who leaves the seat up while the hubby burns the Helper? Equality rocks!

Our pal Nelson Branco revealed in this week's Nelson Ratings for TV Guide Canada  that in terms of the BE Boardroom reveal on One Life to Live, to borrow from Shania Twain, it didn't impress him much.  Don't pick up the rocks just yet, Nelson still contends that OLTL is the best soap on daytime right now, which I readily agree, but I must say I also agree that the boardroom, make that bored room,  theatrics were a little telenovela for my liking. Especially with Dorian up there in one of those outlandish hats my grandma used to wear to Sunday School attempting to pass for a corporate maven. And what was up with Cowboy Clint CHOKING Dorian? I guess chivalry died with Asa.

Maybe I expected to much? I must say, however, OLTL is giving The Bold and the Beautiful a run for its ability to rebound quickly from a not-so-good day to hitting it out of the park the following day.  Like Nelson, I was wondering what the hell was wrong with Bree Williamson (Jessica) in the scenes immediately following Nash's accident and subsequent death. Croc tears and blubbering does not a good scene make. Yet amazingly the same actress BROUGHT IT the following episode when she read her twin Natalie like a trashy novel for her role in this Greek tragedy that cost Jess her husband, Bree her father and the rest of us the infectious Forbes March.

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At any rate, if you aren't watching One Life to Live, you should start now. The gripes I have are totally minor, even my primetime fave  Brothers and Sisters frustrates me at times but it's still one of the best shows around, ditto for OLTL, in daytime or primetime, only...throw away that tacky hat!