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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 06.12.08


Programming Note:It's a light one today, well right now.  If I find more this afternoon, I'll blog again.  Also, there is a slight possibility that there will be no Spoilers & Scoops post tomorrow.  

Claudia and the MOC...  Who's the groom?  It's driving me crazy.  There are three names that I see consistently attached to this SPOILER.  Jason, Nikolas and Ric.  Most insiders say NO WAY that it's Jason.  Nikolas made sense when Logan was said to die at Claudia's hand.  We now know, that's most likely not the case.  So that leaves Ric.   ZaCrazy has wanted Ric to work over Claudia and there is a RUMOR about Anthony wanting Claudia to prove her loyalty to the family.  Could it be that they need her to marry Ric?  

Speaking of ZaCrazy...
his threats against Alexis and Kristina are pretty specific.  Apparently he knows what summer camp the little girl goes to and tells Alexis that no one would notice if she just happened to disappear. 

Naudia... Nikolas and Claudia fight the attraction.  Apparently they don't put up all that good of a fight, RUMORS say the pair locks lips again.

Pregnancy hints... Carly gets dizzy and Sonny may have a few questions for his ex-wife that she dodges. 

Carly and Kate... it seemed that Carly would turn the table on Kate's blackmail plans but now there is word that Kate backs Carly into a corner.  Oh Kate, putting Carly's back up against a wall is never a good idea.  RUMORS say the ladies come to terms with one another but Jax is skipping town and Carly gets bored, easily.  Will she dig into Kate's past?  I would GUESS the impending engagement for Skate and Carly's insistence that Kate is not the right woman for Sonny will have Carly trying to prove herself right. 

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Maxie and Johnny trapped in an elevator together.  Coincidence or part of the plan to seduce Johnny away from Lulu?  I've mentioned that Spinelli finds out about Maxie's deal with Claudia and he is really disappointed in her.  Maxie gets a gut check when her BFF gets so upset.  How long is the indecent proposal storyline supposed to last? Not sure but Matt Hunter hits town on the 26th and Daisy nailed it the other day, it may be lust at first sight but it is defintely not like at first sight.  


More Mac?  YES!!!!  He arrests Patrick for no real reason and he hires Epiphany to take care of Robin while she is on bed rest.  Usually we get a little nervous when a recurring character suddenly starts getting increased airtime BUT I have heard RUMBLINGS that a recurring character may be put back on contract.  Here's to hoping it's John J. York.  

Leyla's mom is not done.  She'll show up at General Hospital. 


Liason... they should share a few more brief scenes before the end of the month.  One will be when Jason tells Elizabeth he has taken over the business from Sonny.  She doesn't know yet?  Another may be at GH when Jason is RUMORED to come in for treatment of the virus.  Not so sure about this one as Jason is quarantined at the penthouse.  However, it MAY be after the quarantine is lifted as RUMORS say Jason tells Elizabeth he may have said something to Claudia about Jake.