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One Life to Live: Recommending to Friends?

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Anyone who has listened to the Daytime Confidential podcast or read this blog knows, we're big fans of Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini's amazing transformation of One Life to Live.

We've enjoyed One Life to Live so much we recommended that Karen over at begin watching and after some convincing she finally did. Two days ago I received this as part of an email from Karen. "I tell you what, I've gotten a TON OF people to watch OLTL!"

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Then much to Tina and my surprise our own spoiler guru Regan admitted to us on IM that she had finally started watching One Life to Live after hearing us talk about how much we are enjoying it.

Marone Macaroni, a long time Daytime Confidential listener recently commented on the Nelson Branco Weighs In On BE Boardroom Reveal that  "I've just started watching OLTL, based on the consistently good comments it keeps getting on Daytime Confidential. So, I'm a new viewer, but IMO this show kicks butt."

UPDATE: ABC Daytime Confidential listener Jennie just posted this about One Life to Live in theTV Fan Online Forums.

"I want to thank the gang from the ABC podcast, you have all been talking about how great One Life to Live has been since Ron C. took over. And so after a 10 year break, I checked it out, right in time for Rex and Adriana's Wedding it was one of the best weddings in years. I added it to my PVR as a permanent recording. The last week has reminded me of the good old day's on General Hospital wasn't all about the mob. Dorian and the BE Takeover was some of the best writing and acting I have seen in years. General Hospital could take a lesson from OLTL corporate business can be even more exciting than the mob, bring back the Quartermaine's make them have to fight for their company and money! Thank-you all without your glowing praise I would have never seen this great show."

So here is my question. Have you been telling your soap watching or lapsed friends that they need to watch One Life to Live? If so, what has been there reaction after tuning in. Have the loved it, just enjoyed it, or hated it? Do you have a story you can share? We'd love to hear it.