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One Life to Live: Susan Haskell Interview

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Entertainment Weekly recently conducted an interview with One Life to Lives’ Susan Haskell (Marty). In the interview, Susan speaks about her reasons for returning to the soap, what it felt like to be Marty Saybrooke again, and how long her stay in Llanview will be. Here is an excerpt of that very question, but don't forget to read the entire interview. 

EW: Is this an open ended return?

I have a certain time that we’ve agreed to, but it’s still a little flexible in the end. As far as story line, though, I really don’t know. I just know what it was coming back for and that was kind of interesting to me. The whole amnesia thing is kind of fun. I asked Frank when he was going to send me information on what Marty had been up to and he said, ''Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. She doesn’t remember.’' Okay! Great! You don’t even know how much help that was for me.