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Young and The Restless: Scoops and Spoilers

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Hey kids, the spoilers for what’s to come have been so up and down lately that can’t really say which end is up. So keep in mind these spoilers are subject to change.

Ashley’s BACK and has some things to say:  She arrives back in GC with Abby in tow for Victor and Sabrina’s wedding and boy is she spitting mad! Not only is the faux Abbott mad at her older bro for allowing Gloria to move back in the Abbott house, but she’s also peeved that his wife Sharon redecorated! While she’s on her hate fest she gets into it with Gloria. Not for nothing but why does Ash care if the house gets an updated look?! She doesn’t live there anymore!


Four horsemen at odds: Speaking of Jack and Sharon, they have a clash at work as well with Nick and Phyllis in regards to the direction that Restless Style’s taking. Man that didn’t take long and this is the 2nd edition.

Colleen returns:Miss. Carlton returns to GC and decides on her future with Adrian. My money is that she won’t have one after the stunt she pulled.

Victor’s request: Victor decides that since asking Victoria to stand in the wedding didn’t work, he goes to Nikki to have her make Victoria attend the wedding. I wouldn’t since he just slammed Jabot in court!

David goes shopping: I guess David has a hot streak because he buys Nikki an expensive gift! Word is that David buys a house for Nikki. We’ll see and its about time they move out of the Genoa City Athletic Club!

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As I reported last week,Neil decides that he wants to keep Karen around so he pops the question to her. Will she say yes?

David and Nikki’s marriage hits the skids due to his gambling and Paul’s there to support Nikki. *Sounds familiar?* ;) FYI: Enjoying the throwback to Paul and Nikki's friendship as well as him being shown more and not pigeon holed to being just a P.I.

Jeff decides who he wants to be with between Jill and Gloria while her son, Michael finds out some horrifying info on his dad.

Casting call: Look out for a character named, "Lowell," to turn up in GC this summer. Word is that he's a free spirit wanderer , surfer type that played a role in the 60's political movement and is said to be linked to a few characters that we know.. You do the math on that.

Spotlight: Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor)

The grand dame of Genoa City was recently spotted at Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS) party to honor this year’s Daytime Emmy Nominees and had some interesting things to say to Fancast: Inside TV blogger Sara A. Bibel. You are the judge of if she was kidding or not…

“I’m going to try to prove that Jill is not my daughter. It’s going to be racy.” Cooper did not reveal whether or not Kay would turn out to be Jill’s mother. She was adamant that Katherine had no designs on Jeffrey. Laughed Cooper, “That bum? He’s probably a quadruplet! He’ll die three times then come back as someone else.”

Makes you wonder if Hogan Sheffer (co-head writer) started to make his mark already? Hmm...