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ADONIS 2008 Week 4 Finalists!!

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The Jason's of Port Charles take it all!!

Well everybody, it looks like this competition is between GH and Days fans. So far all the finalists are on or have been on General Hospital or Days of Our Lives, and this week is no exception.

The night of chat results started off with finding out our top 3 which were Jason Thompson, Jason Cook, and Tyler Christopher of General Hospital. Not that any of us were that surprised although there were some agitated fans. But the trend continues.....

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Our first finalist announced was none other than the McDreamy of Port Charles Jason Thompson who plays Patrick Drake. Guess this mix of dimples and brain surgeon-y hotness was too much to handle. 

The next finalist was a surprise at first but if you think about the way the contest has gone so far it definately makes sense. He started his career as the rebellious son of Hope and Bo Brady on Days of Our Lives, and very soon will be making his Debut as Dr. Matt Hunter on General Hospital. Yes you are reading correctly....the next finalist is Jason Cook.

All you Tyler Christopher fans don't despair, you have one more chance to get him in the finals as his third place spot automatically puts him in the wildcard week. And the Prince of Dark Broodingness has a good shot going with the current trend of GH love and no Days men to compete with this week. 

So who else is in the wildcard week? Soapy did reveal and I will reveal all to you.......after the break LOL!! Sorry had to put that in. I will be posting soon with the wildcard contestants and poll for the week. But if you can't wait go to and find out for yourself *wink.*

Till then enjoy the hotness of the Jason's and I will return soon with more hottie info!!