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One Live To Live: More 40th Anniversary News!

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I've been thrilled with what I'm reading about One Life to Live's HUGE 40th Anniversary celebration (Blast From The Past) so you can imagine how excited I was when my co-host (ABC Edition, Daytime Confidential Podcast), fellow DC staffer Tina sent me the latest tasty treat. 


Granted I will be devastated not to be able to see Jessica Tuck reprise her role as Viki Lord-Riley-Buchanon-Carpenter-Davidson's deceased daughter Megan. ( I loved the time when they were showing her as the star of a soap opera that Bo was producing! Hopefully I'm recalling it correctly) This quote from TV Guide (you will want to read the whole thing, trust me) says; "This is not just a big disappointment for us Tuck-anistas, it's a big headache for the show because her appearance was no mere cameo. OLTL head writer Ron Carlivati had wanted Megan to serve as a celestial guide for her mama Viki (Erika Slezak), who will visit the Great Beyond after dying in a car crash — a major two-day plot twist (airing July 21-22) that riffs on one of the soap's most famous stories from the 1980s. (pictured with Joe Lando courtesy of

The scenes shoot this coming Monday. The clock is ticking. What to do? Carlivati, who is quite the brain-stormer, quickly picked a different dead Megan to be Viki's guide — that would be Megan's namesake (and Viki's granddaughter), baby Megan, who died by miscarriage in 1999 when her mom, Jessica, was the victim of a hit-and-run."

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but... I love the innovative thinking which brings us the decision to cast ex-Jessica actress/singer Erin Torpey as baby Megan, Jessica's miscarried daughter (fathered by Will Rappaport, Lindsay's son) with a serious case of the SORAS.  The actress "Erin Torpey joined One Life to Live at the age of eight, playing Jessica Buchanan, who has grown into a smart young woman dealing with both love and loss. Miss Torpey's portrayal of Jessica earned her Soap Opera Awards -- for Outstanding Teen Performer in 1997 and Favorite Teen Star in 2000. She also received a 2000 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress." (bio & pic courtesy of ABC.COM)


Could this anniversary party be "the" celebration that fans felt robbed of this past April 1 when General Hospital's momentous occasion was sluffed off with a poor montage that didn't cover the half of it? It certainly looks like it is stacking up that way to me!

One starts to wonder if we might be able to expect that the courtesy and respect of history being employed by Carlivati and associates on One Life To Live might bode well for TPTB with All My Children and General Hopsital to follow suit? All My Children ceratinly appears to be making some positive changes behind the scenes that are coming across well to the fans. (Check out Katrina's Eye On Soaps spot on "As Easy as ABC") I hope so. I so fervantly hope so!

Meanwhile its old home week as One Life pays it forward, giving the fans what we want in truckloads and reaping the benefits of droves of new viewers as evidenced by last weeks performance in The Neilson Ratings, anyway. Enjoy! I know I am!