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Ratings June 2 - 6, 2008

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Here we are again with post-May Sweeps ratings for the start of June. As we can see, the ABC soaps have gained viewers with the biggest increase seen by One Life To Live who had +154,000 more viewers compared to the previous week. Also General Hospital saw a very nice increase in total viewers by +141,000 more fans tuning in. All My Children seemed to have a good day on Wednesday June 4 with a 2.4 rating with the reveal that Adam knew about Kate and the aftermath with JR, Krystal and Tad. However that high was short lived as Friday sunk to a 1.9 with more of the Greenlee/Zack/Kendall and Babe stuff. Also it's important to note that ABC has 'won' the all important demo group Women 18-49 (4th time in a row) over CBS and NBC by 17%.

The biggest disappointment this week to note is Days Of Our Lives who saw a -271,000 loss in viewership compared to the previous week' numbers. They seem to be having major trouble with cliffhanger episodes as they dropped from a 1.9 on Thursday to a 1.4 on Friday. Ouch!

My question for the week is this: Do you think Head Writer for DOOL Dena Higley will soon be out of a job considering how much the show has lost viewers compared to when Hogan Sheffer was running the show? 

Please note to all the Guiding Light fans....I'm sorry for dismissing the show as terribly as I did last week. One thing for certain, this soap really does deserve better respect considering it is THE oldest daytime drama on network tv and they are still trying new things to help gain viewership (as silly as some may think) and that is commendable. Perhaps Luke's post about DVR usage and inclusion into the Nielson ratings calculations may have some merit to help give our good ole soaps a big boost in the ratings as we all know they are due! (heck they should have done this years ago when people started taping episodes via VCR's!). Suffice it to say, technology is always changing our TV viewing habits and so should the way they monitor our new viewership techniques!

June 2, 2008 - June 6, 2008

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